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North Las Vegas Police Hand Out Dozens of Citations

North Las Vegas Police Hand Out Dozens of Citations

North Las Vegas Police officers handed out dozens of tickets during a saturation patrol over Super Bowl weekend.

The Joining Forces DUI effort targeted major thoroughfares in the city of North Las Vegas along with other areas known for having heavy traffic. Officers made one DUI arrest. They handed out 23 citations for speeding, 11 for driver’s license violations and 11 for red light violations. The officers also gave verbal warnings to 45 drivers.

The Joining Forces effort was part of a statewide push to curb drunk driving on Super Bowl weekend.

SNWA Holds Town Hall on Rate Hike

LAS VEGAS -- The tough economy is forcing the Southern Nevada Water Authority
to push up what customers pay for water.

The SNWA says it has tried to keep rates low, but it now
must hike rates. Under the proposed increase, the average family's monthly bill
would go up anywhere from $5 to $10 a month. Before the rate hike goes into effect,
the authority wants to hear from the public at a series of town hall meetings. The
first one is from 5 to 8 p.m. Monday at Sedway
Middle School in North Las Vegas.

The water authority says the increase is needed just to keep
its daily operations going. The agency says the bulk of its money came from new
home and business hook-up fees. However, when the economy tanked those fees
dried up. New connection fees dropped 95 percent between 2008 and this year.

Crosswalk Safety Gets Boost from Businesses

Crosswalk Safety Gets Boost from Businesses

Mia Decker was only 6 years old when she was struck and killed by a car while crossing a busy street in North Las Vegas.  

In effort to prevent a similar tragedy from happening again, a group of business owners are banding together to make that crosswalk safer. They are looking to raise money for lights around the signs at the crosswalk at Bent Arrow and Camino Eldorado.  

They held a kickoff for “Shine a Light for Mia” Friday morning. Donna Botti at Villa Pizza is heading up the project. Her pizza place and neighboring businesses near Durango Drive and Desert Inn will be offering special deals and donating part of the proceeds.

“We are trying to raise money for lights where little Mia got killed,” Botti said. “Everybody is giving a discount on their products and above that donating so much to raise money.”

Mia’s mother is grateful for the effort. She believes there should be better signs for that crosswalk.

Cheyenne Marching Band Needs Votes

The Cheyenne High School Marching Band is looking for help to win a national contest.

The band has entered a nationwide contest that if it wins could earn it instruments, accessories and other items. The U.S. Scholastic Band Association and the band CAKE are sponsoring the event along with support from top instrument makers like Yamaha and Fender.

The students had to create a video of them performing "The Federal Funding March" then upload the video to a website. Anyone can now log onto the site and vote for the Cheyenne High School Marching Band. The deadline to vote is Monday. 

To vote, go to federalfundingmarch.strutta.com.


Underwater Homeowners Doubt Mortgage Deal

Underwater Homeowners Doubt Mortgage Deal

A settlement with 49 states and five of the nation’s biggest mortgage lenders could bring around $1.5 billion to Nevada to help struggling homeowners. The final deal was announced Thursday.

The settlement is designed to help homeowners who are underwater in their homes and help those who illegally lost their homes to foreclosure in the robo-signing scandal. The deal will also protect the banks from some lawsuits from homeowners.

Not everyone is happy with the settlement. Danny and Nancy Boyd moved to their northwest Las Vegas home from the Midwest. It was supposed to be the perfect place to retire. Like most homeowners in southern Nevada their single-story home has lost value.

"I do not think in my lifetime I would see any equity in this house," Boyd said.

First Responders Test Communication

First Responders Test Communication


The Las Vegas Motor Speedway was home to a communication exercise involving police and other first responders from around southern Nevada. The project was headed up by North Las Vegas Police.

Local agencies including fire and rescue teams, Amateur Radio Disaster Services, Medic West, Nellis Air Force Base and Volunteer Homeland Reserve Units were all there. They were testing if they could communicate with each other during a disaster or terrorist attack.

The system they tested was developed by the Department of Homeland Security. A large disaster requires communication between all types of agencies. That was one of the problems on 9/11. Police and firefighters could not communicate with each other. Since the attacks, first responders from around the country have worked to make sure they can talk to each other. 

Saturation Patrols Target Local Intersections

Saturation Patrols Target Local Intersections


Local police continue their efforts to increase pedestrian and driver safety in southern Nevada, conducting saturation patrols at major intersections.

North Las Vegas officers participated in three saturation patrols occurring between January 24 and January 27. Their results were as follows:

  • 13 – speeding violations
  • 6 – failure to yield driver/pedestrian violations
  • 10 – driver’s license violations
  • 9 – registration violations
  • 5 – equipment violations
  • 16 – no insurance violations
  • 58 – red light violations
  • 4 – seat belt/child restraint violations
  • 23 – other violations
  • 25 – warnings issued

This event was planned in conjunction with the Statewide campaign known as "Joining Forces" and made possible by a Traffic Safety Grant from the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety.