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Man Hit By Car While Slowly Crossing Street Dies

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) -- Authorities said a 78-year-old man hit by a car as he slowly walked through a North Las Vegas crosswalk has died of his injuries three months later.

North Las Vegas officials said Tuesday the coroner traced Andras Toth's June 2 death to injuries he received in the Feb. 28 crash.

Toth started crossing North Las Vegas Boulevard on a "walk" signal, but didn't arrive at the other side before the signal changed to "don't walk."

He'd crossed 90 percent of the crosswalk when he was struck by a vehicle driven by an 82-year-old North Las Vegas man.

Toth was taken to the hospital and transferred to a rehabilitation center March. 15. He died there a few weeks later.

Police said they'll request charges against the driver when the investigation concludes.

NLV Fire Seeing Big Staff Reductions

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- According to the North Las Vegas Firefighter Union, the department is seeing a major decrease in staffing due to early retirement and firefighters taking other jobs outside the department.

Firefighter Union President Jeff Hurley says this week alone, the department has lost three firefighters, including a captain. The fire department has lost 32 positions from this time last year.

As a result, Hurley says on July 1, two fire stations will close. The stations are Station 50 at Cheyenne Avenue and 5th Street and Station 56 at Elkhorn Road and Aliante Parkway.

Hurley says about 57 percent of the city's fire station equipment will be unmanned and the city will go from 19 engines a day to seven.

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I-TEAM: City's Extra Funds Won't Help NLV Firefighters

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- On the same day the North Las Vegas Firefighters Union announced the imminent closure of two fire stations because of low staffing, the city found an extra $48 million.

The city, however, said it can't use the funds to prevent cuts to public safety.

North Las Vegas City Manager Tim Hacker said the city is only now taking a full accounting of grants and bond money it hadn't previously included in the budget.

He said that because the $48 million is tied up in other projects and funds, it can't be used to fund police and firefighters.

Just weeks ago, North Las Vegas city leaders declare a financial emergency.

Hacker said it's not that the city just all of a sudden found $48 million.

He said the city's finance team was busy trying to figure out how to close next year's budget gap. The team is only now figuring out what last year's budget actually was, he said.

North Vegas Police Brass Sue City Over Legal Move

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) -- Police supervisors in North Las Vegas are suing the city, claiming officials are misusing a state disaster declaration law and violating their union contract.

North Las Vegas Police Supervisors Association head Leonard Cardinale said the lawsuit filed Thursday in state court in Las Vegas asks a judge to define what the two sides can do to deal with a severe budget crisis.

City Hall was closed Friday, and City Manager Tim Hacker wasn't immediately available.

The union represents 58 sergeants and lieutenants.

They're upset the City Council unanimously granted Hacker special authority June 1 to suspend contract provisions, using a state law designed for emergencies like riots.

Hacker said that facing potential layoffs of more than 200 city workers, including police and firefighters, is an emergency in and of itself.


Preliminary Report Issued on Utah Plane Crash That Killed 4

KANAB, Utah (AP) -- Authorities investigating a southern Utah small plane crash that killed four Las Vegas men last month say no key aircraft parts were missing from the wreckage.

The finding was part of the National Transportation Safety Board's preliminary report on the May 29 crash that killed 31-year-old pilot Joshua Stubblefield, 44-year-old Chris Spircu, 32-year-old Paul Andrews, and 45-year-old Todd Stuntzner.

Safety officials say the plane had stopped to refuel at the Mesquite Airport and was headed to Bryce Canyon Airport when it was reported missing a few hours later.

Law enforcement officials found the wreckage that evening on the west slope of a mountain ridge near Duck Creek Village in Kane County.

The NTSB says there was no fire after the crash. Officials haven't determined an official cause.

NLV Police Union Sues City over Contract

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- The North Las Vegas police supervisors filed suit Friday against the city of North Las Vegas over the city's recent move to suspend portions of union contracts.

The union's suit alleges a breach of contract by the North Las Vegas City Council and City Manager Tim Hacker, claiming they did not have the right to declare an emergency that allowed them to affect part of the contracts.

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North Las Vegas faces an enormous budget deficit that must be solved by the beginning of the new fiscal year on July 1. Other potential cost-saving considerations include closing the city's jail and moving hundreds of inmates to the Las Vegas city jail.

NLV City Council to Consider Moving Inmates

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- The North Las Vegas City Council will consider moving inmates currently housed in the North Las Vegas Jail to the City of Las Vegas Jail.

The proposed agreement will put North Las Vegas male inmates in an unused portion of the Las Vegas Jail. North Las Vegas staff will be moved to supervise the inmates. 

North Las Vegas expects to save about $11 million a year by closing their jail. The agreement will also allow the city to re-open the jail if they need to.

The Las Vegas Jail can house 1,050 inmates, but they have averaged about 700 inmates over the last three years. As a result, the jail has one available unit capable of holding up to 240 inmates. 

The Las Vegas City Council is scheduled to vote on the proposed agreement at their June 20 meeting. The North Las Vegas City Council will vote on the measure next week.