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Layoff Plan Guts North Las Vegas Firehouse

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- The City of North Las Vegas could cut 16 firefighter jobs this week. The firefighter's union says those layoffs will put public safety in danger.

The firefighters from Station 52 near Losee and Craig would be hardest hit. The firehouse serves business and residential areas, including the Cannery Casino.

Station 52 stands to lose a full engine company -- 12 firefighters gone. A few miles away, another fire truck would be taken out of service. All told, 16 firefighter jobs are on the chopping block.

"Its shocking to me that there is an offer on the table to save firefighters and the city has refused it," said North Las Vegas Firefighter's Union President Jeff Hurley. He says his union has offered the city roughly $2.8 million in savings.

Virgin Atlantic Expanding Flights to United Kingdom in 2011

LAS VEGAS-Virgin Atlantic announced today that it will begin twice weekly service between Las Vegas and Manchester in the United Kingdom. The flights will begin in April 2011. The new flights will fly out of Las Vegas on Thursdays and Sundays.

Virgin Atlantic spokesperson said that the decision to expand their Manchester flying program underlines Virgin Atlantic's commitment to flying to long-haul destinations from regional airports in the United Kingdom.

Nevada's First Lady Benefits From Contested Divorce

RENO -- Gov. Jim Gibbons' inability to bring his contested divorce to a close means Nevada has the benefit of a first lady for a bit longer. It also means the state must foot the bill for Dawn Gibbons' attendance at official events, including travel, security and per diem.

After 18 months locked in a bitter court battle, the couple's 24-year marriage was supposed to come to an end Feb. 28. But the governor has been unable to pay $275,000 he owes his wife under a divorce settlement reached in December. Nor has the Republican governor sold the couple's Reno home as ordered by the court.

In an order issued in late March, Washoe District Family Court Judge Frances Doherty affirmed that Jim Gibbons must pay Dawn Gibbons before the final decree will be issued. Without a final divorce decree, the couple is still married and Dawn Gibbons is technically still first lady.


School Board Member Wants School Schedules Reviewed

LAS VEGAS -- A Clark County school trustee wants to switch more of the district's year-round schools back to nine-month schedules to save money.

Board Member Chris Garvey's proposal could help close a shortfall of $123 million in the district budget. But officials say it could hurt year-round school employees, who would lose work days.

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Governor Gibbons News Conference Today on Health Reform

LAS VEGAS -- Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons will hold a news conference in Las Vegas to announce what he intends to do about federal health reform.

The Republican governor has been publicly feuding with Democratic Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, who refused his directive to sue the federal government over the bill passed by Congress and signed last month by President Obama. Gibbons' news conference is at noon Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Gibbons argues the law tramples state's rights and amounts to unfunded mandates that will cost the state millions in added Medicaid costs. Masto says the Constitution gives Congress broad powers to regulate commerce. She says 14 other states have already sued, and that any outcome would apply to Nevada even if the state doesn't join the suit.

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NASA Moon Rocks on Display in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- The College of Southern Nevada is inviting the public to view a moon rock collection on loan from NASA.

The viewing will be held this week. In all, about 800 pounds of moon rocks were collected between the first manned moon landing in 1969 and the last in 1972. Most remain in storage in NASA facilities, but NASA encased a small number of the rocks in clear plastic for educational purposes.

That's what will be on display at the College of Southern Nevada.

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Program to Offer Incentives for Short Sale Homes

A new effort that hopes to speed up the process of selling your home if it's worth more than you owe is underway.

The Obama Administration's program will give $3,000 for moving expenses to homeowners who complete a short sale or agree to turn over the deed of their property to the lender.

Under the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives program, borrowers will get the relocation incentive.  Servicers, investors and second lien holders will also get incentives as well. 

Once homeowners come to their lenders with bonafide offers, they'll have to be accepted within 10 days.