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McDonald's Hiring 600 for Las Vegas Restaurants

LAS VEGAS -- McDonald's is one of the small number of companies hiring in Southern Nevada. They plan to give employment to nearly 600 people. The hiring starts on Tuesday.

McDonald's franchise owners expect thousands of people to apply for the jobs. While it's not the first choice of employment for some, several current workers told 8 News Now that McDonald's gave them a chance when no one else would.

Marc Hopkins, a father of three, says he got his job when he needed it most. "I was in the funeral business for 21 years. I was out of work for a whole year before I landed the McDonald's job." Hoskins adds he had lost everything and was on the verge of becoming homeless when his luck changed.

McDonalds is planning to do the same for others. The 109 Southern Nevada restaurants will hire 600 additional part-time workers.

I-Team: Audit of More Cops Money Still Not Done

LAS VEGAS -- The I-Team was there in December of 2009 when the North Las Vegas City Council commissioned an audit of the More Cops Fund -- revenue collected from a quarter cent sales tax increase to put more police on patrol.

"This would be a financial audit, it would encompass all revenues, expenditures, since the inception of that," said North Las Vegas finance director Phil Stoeckinger.

The contract with a local audit firm was supposed to account for city spending of the fund, following an I-Team investigation that revealed north las vegas hired fewer than half the officers projected under More Cops, shorting public safety by some fifty positions.

In March, Acting City Manager Maryann Ustick said the audit was close to completion, delayed from its January due date.

NHP Goes After Dangerous Drivers

LAS VEGAS -- Summer road trip season is here and that means more people hitting the road. The Nevada Highway Patrol says people traveling on I-15 and all around the valley need to know the dangers of driving near a big rig.

For a the next two days, the Badge on Board enforcement program is targeting drivers behaving badly.

The Nevada Highway Patrol is eyeing aggressive drivers from aboard a 48-foot flatbed semi-truck.

"You gotta keep checking the mirrors, watch traffic ahead of you, even keep track of the traffic behind you," said Bob Barton, commercial safety enforcement.

Once patrolmen in the cab witness a bad driver, a call is made to one of eight  troopers nearby who goes after the violating driver.

"If I'm going ahead or behind it and there's somebody that cuts a semi off, we'll make a stop on them," said Elmer Johnson, commercial enforcement trooper.

Former NLV Police Officer Sentenced for Misconduct

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- A former North Las Vegas police officer who was arrested and charged with seeking dates and sexual favors from women he stopped for traffic violations was sentenced to probation on Tuesday.

James Vernon Clayton had pled guilty to three counts of attempted misconduct by a police officer and two counts of oppression under color of office. He told the court that he was sorry for what he did.

Judge James Bixler ordered Clayton to spend the first six months of probation under house arrest. If Clayton violates the probation, he will face five years in jail.

Nevada in Top 10 for Cyber Crime

LAS VEGAS -- Surfing the web may be part of your everyday routine, but criminals are finding new ways to steal your personal information or infect your computer with a nasty virus. For local businesses, it could mean thousands of dollars lost.

Nevada is one of the top 10 states for cyber crime. 

It's easy to be fooled into clicking something on the internet that you think is safe. Wells Fargo is a good example. There are criminals out there using their logo and name to steal your information. But you can protect yourself. 

Sue Gaines is the office manager at a commercial real estate company. In the past year, they've had to fend off viruses and trojans all because someone clicked on something they weren't supposed to. Fixing it doesn't come cheap.

Police Respond to Thousands of Domestic Violence Calls

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- About 60,000 domestic violence incidents are expected in 2010 and some of those will turn deadly.

8 News Now went with North Las Vegas police officer Becky Rooks on patrol Sunday.  

"On a good day we can get three," Officer Rooks said about the number of domestic violence calls North Las Vegas Police respond to. "On a bad day, we can get as many as 20."

She says the economy is a contributing factor to the rising number of domestic violence incidents.

"The stress of losing their job, possibly their house, and everything else that comes with that. They just can't handle the added stress of the relationship like they used to."

Calls also spike when families are gathered together for holidays, or consuming alcohol.

While on patrol with Officer Rooks, a man assaults his girlfriend. She denies it, and tells police he's suffering from diabetes.

Friends, Family Call Child's Death 'Terrible Mistake'

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Friends and family are showing their support for the father of the seven-year-old child killed in a motorcycle accident in North Las Vegas. They say his father knows he made a mistake and want everyone to know he's a father devastated by the tragedy.

As the investigation into the accident continues, North Las Vegas police say there is fault on the part of both parties involved -- the 19-year old driver who turned in front of the motorcycle and the father who was riding with both his sons on the bike.

"It was a terrible accident and nobody expected it to happen," said the boy's uncle Nick Camacho.

Camacho says his nephews loved riding through the neighborhood on their father's motorcycle and both eight-year-old Gabriel and seven-year-old Victor were riding with their dad Wednesday night just a couple blocks away from home when police say the young driver of a sedan made a u-turn in front of the motorcycle.