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President Obama Delivers Speech in North Las Vegas

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. - President Obama delivered a campaign speech at Canyon Springs High School in North Las Vegas today, discussing education and jobs in the struggling city.

The city nearly filed for bankruptcy because of budget issues and dealt with the closure of a solar plant that put many people in the unemployment line.

SLIDESHOW: President Obama Spends Time in Southern Nevada

The opening of the Amonix plant last year coincided with the president's push to grow the country's clean energy resources. The company received millions in federal tax credits and grants. The hope was the solar plant would create hundreds of clean energy jobs in North Las Vegas.

North Las Vegas Police Bust Theft Ring

North Las Vegas Police Bust Theft Ring

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. - An undercover sting has led to a bust of a retail theft ring involving children in North Las Vegas. Authorities received a tip local convenience store employees were using their jobs as a front for their illegal operation.

Undercover cops worked fast to bring down this ring. Two men were at the heart of the scheme which involved high priced electronics stolen by children and then resold for a quick buck.

The ampm on the corner of Ann Road and Clayton Street offers regular unleaded at $3.53 a gallon, but police say two clerks were selling more than just gasoline.

"We had people who were really recruiting young people to go do burglaries and bring that property there to sell it to them and then they would go and sell it again," said Sgt. Tim Bedwell of the North Las Vegas Police Department.

President Obama to Visit North Las Vegas

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- President Obama is hoping to connect with votes in recession-ravaged North Las Vegas on his visit this week.

President Obama will fly into Nellis Air Force Base Tuesday night and then give a speech Wednesday morning at Canyon Springs High School in North Las Vegas.

Canyon Springs High School is located in the 89032 zip code, it's the second worst zip code in North Las Vegas for foreclosures. The nearby zip code 89031 was the worst in the entire country last year. Four years later, the economy is still sluggish, but President Obama hopes to sway voters to give him another term in this battleground state.

The school's new principal was already busy preparing for students returning to school when he found out his campus would soon be in the national spotlight.

North Las Vegas Back to School Bash

North Las Vegas Back to School Bash

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- Five hundred kids in North Las Vegas now have backpacks and school supplies after a big back-to-school bash.

North Las Vegas Police teamed up with the Boys & Girls Club and Commissioner Lawrence Weekly to offer the supplies for free.

Backpacks were filled with basic items like paper, notebooks, binders, hand sanitizer and more. It was a $25 dollar value.

Local leaders and educators also talked to kids about staying focused in school and avoiding peer pressure.

Tina Cordosa is a mother of seven, who couldn't be more thankful for the school supplies.

Cordosa is struggling to provide for her family, with very little assistance each month.

"That makes it easier on us and it makes us feel good too; that somebody is there to help," Cordosa said.

CCSD urges parents to check with their child's school, before purchasing supplies, as each supply list varies per school.

Commissioner's Bull Loose in North Las Vegas, Woman Hurt

Commissioner's Bull Loose in North Las Vegas, Woman Hurt

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- A 42-year-old woman was sent to the hospital after being hit by a runaway bull that escaped from Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins' property, according to North Las Vegas Police.

A bull and cow got loose from their enclosure at Collins' residence early Saturday evening. After escaping, the bull ran into the woman as she was trying to help get the animal back to its enclosure. Police said she was taken to University Medical Center and was treated for injuries. That woman is now out of the hospital.

The bull, responsible for the injury, was tranquilized and taken back to the property. The other animal was contained without a tranquilizer.

Animal control officers investigated the incident and a citation was issued.

Mother Charged in Shooting Involving 10-Year-Old Son

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- A North Las Vegas woman faces four charges related to a Aug. 9 shooting that left her 10-year-old son in critical condition.

Carmen Gustin, 38, was charged Thursday afternoon with child abuse with substantial bodily harm, child neglect and destroying evidence. Police said at the time that the boy might have shot himself in the head at a home near Gowan Road and Allen Lane. She was booked on outstanding misdemeanor warrants at the time of the shooting.

According to the arrest report, the boy's 3-year-old brother told police he and his brother had taken a gun from a bookshelf while his mother was out of the house and his brother "shoot himself." The 3-year-old said the two children were the only people in the house and when their mother, Gustin, returned home, she took the gun and put it back on the shelf.

The boy then told officers his mother grabbed him and took him to his babysitter's house and left him there.