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Metro Investigates Security Guard Killing

LAS VEGAS -- A security guard watching over the William Pearson Community Center was murdered late Sunday night. The man was shot in the face and Las Vegas police are looking for three men.

As parents bring their children in for Urban League preschool activities, they find out how the one guard watching over this place at night was shot and killed.

"I've been in Las Vegas since 1955. I've seen times change, but this is horrible, this is worse than change. It's ridiculous. It doesn't make any sense," said Walter Kinchen.

Witnesses say three men ran away from the community center after the shooting. No one got a good description on the suspects, only seen as three black men in their late teens or early 20's.

Noting the angle and location of the bullet holes, the shooting was at close range and around the side exit.

Police Make Arrest in Woman's Murder

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- An elementary school art teacher was murdered this morning at her home near Simmons and Alexander and police have the man they say is responsible in custody.

As police searched the home for clues to explain a deadly attack, friends and co-workers began arriving at the scene, devastated by the news.

They tell us the victim was their friend Bronwyn Richards.

Police received a 911 call while her attack was still happening. But when they got arrived on the scene, it was too late.

"She was transported to UMC where she was later pronounced deceased," said North Las Vegas Police Sgt. Tim Bedwell.

Police say 40-year-old Bobby Dale Richards was responsible for the attack.

"He was here at some point during the investigation and he went voluntarily with investigators to give a statement and then in the course of that, the determination was made that he was going to be booked for the crime," said Bedwell.

Firefighter Ad Attacks City of North Las Vegas

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- The North Las Vegas Firefighter's Union took out a full page ad in Wednesday's paper show the public what concessions they've offered to help with the city budget.

The battle between the union and the city is loud and clear. In the ad, the union says they offered to take more than $3 million in wage and benefit cuts to help the city.

They use words like "stubborn" and "refusal" to describe the actions of some members of the city council.

"They walked away from fiscal responsibility. They walked away from staffing this engine. They walked away from response times and we felt the citizens needed to know what was going on," said Jeff Hurley with the union.

10-Year-Old Hit by Car in North Las Vegas

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- A 10-year-old boy was taken to the hospital after he was hit by a car Wednesday morning.

The child was hit near Civic Center and Cheyenne. Police say the boy was conscious and alert when he was transported.

The accident is under investigation.

Police ID Officer Involved in Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police have identified the officer involved in a shooting early Sunday morning.

Police say Officer Jeremy Jacobitz opened fire on a man near Michael Way and Cheyenne.

Officer Jacobitz was responding to a possible shooting in the area. When he got to the scene, he saw a man shooting a handgun into the air. Police say the suspect then turned the weapon toward officers. Jacobitz fired one round, but missed the suspect.

The suspect was later taken into custody and charged with discharging of a firearm in a public place. Metro's homicide detectives are investigating.

Police Investigate Early Morning Officer Involved Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- Police are trying to decide what charges, if any, will be filed against three men involved in a officer involved shooting early Sunday morning.

It happened near Michael Way and Cheyenne. Officers were responding to a report of shots fired. When they got to the area they saw three men walking away from the scene. Officers stopped the men and at least one of the men pulled out a gun and started shooting. The officer returned fire, but no one was hit.

All three men are in custody.


Las Vegas Barbary Apes Get New Exhibit

LAS VEGAS -- The Las Vegas Zoo has made some big changes to one of its exhibits. The zoo has expanded the area which houses its family of Barbary Apes.

The apes had been living in two separate areas, now they have been brought together in a habitat that is 10 times larger then the one they were living in before.

The exhibit is part of the zoo's expansion plan which will take place over the next few years. "Everything in here at the Las Vegas Zoo needs improvement" said Pat Dingle, the zoo's director. "That's been our attitude and I can assure everyone in our 30 year history, we have never had the momentum and public support we have today. So we are very hopeful over the next year or two we will be able to have that gem of a Las Vegas zoo we all deserve."

The Las Vegas zoo is home to a variety of endangered species. In fact the Barbary apes at the zoo are the last family of their kind in the entire United States.