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BREAKING NEWS: Woman Shot in the Leg at Texas Station

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. - A woman was shot in the parking lot of Texas Station. Police believe a confrontation happened between the woman and one or two other women. The victim was shot in the leg. She was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Police have not arrested anyone yet. More details on 8 News NOW This Morning and LasVegasNOW.com.

High-Profile Shootings Connected Through Weapons Purchase

LAS VEGAS -- The Pentagon shooter, 36-year-old John Bedell, has a connection to the man who opened fire in Las Vegas earlier this year at the federal courthouse. Both men got their guns from the same place -- the Memphis Police Department. Memphis sells weapon from criminal cases.

North Las Vegas Police, Las Vegas Metro Police and Henderson Police all destroy weapons from criminal cases.

Sergeant Tim Bedwell with North Las Vegas Police says it's the departments policy to destroy weapons that come from criminal cases rather than sell or trade them. Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton says the practice of selling guns has to stop.

"I just don't want our city of having any role in getting a confiscated gun back on the streets," he said.

Sergeant Bedwell says destroying these weapons never leaves doubt where they may end up.

Shooter's Arrest Upsets Some Neighbors

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- A 60-year-old North Las Vegas man is facing two felony counts of battery with a deadly weapon after shooting two men over the weekend.

North Las Vegas police Officer Chrissie Coon said Monday that James Bulah was freed on $20,000 bail pending a court appearance Thursday following his arrest on Sunday.

Even though Bulah is out of the North Las Vegas Detention Center, he still faces months of legal battles. Police say he broke the law but neighbors see it differently.

"These guys came on his property and tried to break into his truck. You do what you gotta do," said Manny Munoz, Bulah's neighborhood.

"I would have did the same thing," said another neighbor, Grace Clay.

The support for Bulah is not hard to find in his North Las Vegas neighborhood.

NLV Municipal Court Offering Break on Ticket Fines

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV -- North Las Vegas Municipal Court is offering an amnesty program until June 30 to give people a break on paying old traffic and misdemeanor tickets.

Court Administrator Debbie Miller says the court is offering a 50 reduction in the bail amount on tickets, including any added warrant fees. She says court officials know people are struggling in tough economic times, and want to offer a way to clear up court obligations.

The court has jurisdiction over traffic and misdemeanor offenses in the city of North Las Vegas.

Miller says administrators hope to collect nearly $40 million in unpaid fees and fines, while reducing the number of open cases. She says people should call the court or check the Web site for more information.

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Police Investigate Shooting in North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas, Nev. - North Las Vegas Police are investigating a shooting near Craig Road and N. 5th Street. The shooting happened around 5:49am Sunday.

Police say two men were tampering with a car outside a residence in the area. The owner came out of the home and shot at both men as they fled the scene in a gold Chevrolet Silverado. The men sustained gunshot wounds before crashing the car into a wall less than a block away. They were taken to UMC in critical condition.

Neighbors heard the crash and came out to see what happened. 

"Me and my wife woke up, saw the driver jumping over (the) passenger side, running," one neighbor said. "He just said don't let him die. He had just been shot."

Volunteers Gather to Educate People Against Fraud

LAS VEGAS --  Every year, thousands of consumers are ripped off by scam artists. Saturday the Fight Fraud Taskforce and the City North Las Vegas held an event to educate people one how to fight back against fraud.

As part of nationwide Consumer Protection Week volunteers gathered at the Mojave High School Saturday Morning to help people not become victimized by scammers. And while the turnout was not what they had hoped for it did not stop the workers putting on this free event from educating the one ones that came.

The event featured opportunities to learn about ID theft and Medical Fraud, Researching Records Online, Guardian Services for seniors, Taking Charge of Utility Bills, and Alternatives to Foreclosure and Foreclosures Scams.

Hundreds of Teachers Face Uncertain Job Future

LAS VEGAS -- Unless the Clark County School District can find other ways to cut about $125 million from its budget, more than 500 local teachers could get pink slips in May.

The Clark County Education Association which represents teachers says it's in negotiations with the school district to try to save as many teaching jobs as possible.

While schools brace for the worst-case scenario, the union is telling its members not to panic and not to believe every thing they hear.

"I've always said that a teacher's working conditions are a student's learning conditions so when you have teachers who, on top of everything else they have to deal with, testing, mandates, lesson plans, are now worried about whether they're gonna have a job or not, it's just another added pressure," said Ruben Murillo, Clark County Education Association.