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Photos Released of Murder Suspects in Police Killing

LAS VEGAS, Nv. -- The youngest suspect in the murder of a Metro police officer will be charged as an adult.

North Las Vegas police say the 17-year-old has been transferred to the North Las Vegas Detention Center where the two other suspects are being held. 

One of those suspects, 18-year-old Prentice Marshall, was released from the hospital on Friday. He had suffered a gunshot wound in an exchange of gunfire with Metro Officer Trevor Nettleton. Marshall, 20-year-old Saul Williams, and the 17-year-old are facing murder and robbery charges. Police have also added gang enhancement charges. Police say all three have documented gang activity in their past.

"This investigation is still ongoing, but as it stands right now, we still believe these individuals targeted Officer Nettleton in an attempted robbery and that this was just a random act of violence," said Officer Chrissy Coon, North Las Vegas Police.

Off-Duty Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Murdered

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nv. -- An off-duty Las Vegas Metro police officer was shot to death in an attempted robbery early Thursday morning. North Las Vegas Police are handling the investigation into the crime.

Investigators say 30-year-old Trevor Nettleton was shot to death after midnight and the crime appears to be random.

Officer Nettleton had been on the force for three years and had just returned home from working the swing shift when he was killed. He was working in his garage at the time of the shooting and his wife and two children were inside the home when he was shot.

At a news conference held Thursday afternoon, Sheriff Doug Gillespie expressed his feelings about the murder of one of his officers. "I just lost another member of my organization tragically. I'm doing as good as you are going to be under those circumstances," he said.

North Las Vegas City Hall Shake Up

The city of North Las Vegas confirms City Manager Gregory Rose is on paid leave. The move comes after an I-Team investigation of taxpayer money meant to employ more police officers.

At Rose's direction, the city fell some 50 officers short of their hiring goals.

Officially, representatives for the city will only confirm Rose has taken 30 days of paid executive leave effective immediately. Unofficially, sources say Rose will likely not return. The announcement is the result of on-going negotiations for his departure.

If Rose is fired, he stands to collect a year's salary in severance plus hundreds of hours of accrued sick and vacation leave.

A recent I-Team investigation raised questions about the city's use of sales tax money earmarked for the hiring of new police officers.

The More Cops sales tax initiative added $32 million to city coffers. Yet under Rose's direction, the city has only hired 46 new officers under the fund.

I-Team: Sheriff Questions Use of 'More Cops' Money

The Clark County Sheriff is asking questions about the way the city of North Las Vegas used its "More Cops" money. You may remember the sales tax increase passed in 2004 to hire additional police officers. Recently, the 8 News Now I-Team revealed the North Las Vegas Police Department has far fewer "More Cops" than expected.

The city of North of Las Vegas admits it hired fewer than half the police officers it projected under "More Cops." yet it insists, it followed the letter of the law. But did it subvert the spirit? We asked the men who campaigned to pass it.

Then Clark County Sheriff Bill Young was on the campaign trail in September of 2004 -- not as a candidate for office -- but as an advocate for public safety. Young leveraged his political capital to earn voter approval of the "More Cops" ballot initiative. The quarter-cent sales tax increase would put more cops on the streets valley wide.

Bus Driver Arrested for Beating 67-Year-Old Woman

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- A Regional Transportation Commission para-bus driver working for a contracted private company allegedly attacked an older woman on the bus he was driving.

It happened in North Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Apparently the woman questioned if bus driver Alfred Setian knew how to get to the Doolittle Senior Center and the argument escalated.

The para-bus service is for people with physical or mental disabilities.

The woman is 67-years-old and requested the bus from her home to the senior center. “It started out as a verbal argument as the bus driver was driving. At some point, he made that decision to pull the bus over,” said North Las Vegas Police Officer Chrissie Coon.

NLV Holds Mock Disaster Drill

How prepared are first responders to handle a real emergency in Clark County? A full scale exercise drill involving a mock earthquake and ammonia leak put their skills to the test Tuesday.

Preparation is key and Clark County's first responders were put to the test. “This is like playing football -- go out and practice and be better prepared for game day,” said North Las Vegas Fire Department Captain Cedric Williams.

Finding out how well they work with multiple jurisdictions is the biggest challenge. The mock situation starts with a 4.2 magnitude earthquake leading to an ammonia leak at U.S. Food Services. People inside the building had to be evacuated and those who were outside were decontaminated and sent to the hospital.

SLIDESHOW: North Las Vegas Holds Mock Disaster Drill

Grants Funding Small Businesses Available

$5,000 can go a long way for any small business.  But many businesses don't realize there is money out there through grants that can help them.   

Tuesday, a barber shop in North Las Vegas was awarded a grant that will help it survive.

The grants are made possible through the Valley Center Opportunity Zone and the Latin Chamber of Commerce.  And for places like Classic Cuts, you could say it's a slam-dunk that keeps them open and cutting hair.