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2 Mothers Face Charges for Children Falling Out of Car

Two women are charged with child endangerment after three children fell out of a car leaving one child in critical condition.

Nancy Lopez who was the driver of the car is charged with seven counts of child endangerment, seven counts of unrestrained minor in a vehicle, DUI, driving on a suspended license, open container in the vehicle, head lamps not being used. She is the mother of a 3-year-old who fell out of the car and suffered a cut above his eye. That child has been taken to Child Haven.

Another woman is also being charged with seven counts of child endangerment. Police say Vanessa Ramirez is the mother of the twins who were injured when they fell out of the car and that she was aware her children were in the car with Lopez. Ramirez's 1-year-old twins are in UMC. One child is under observation, the other child is in critical condition. The remaining children in the car were also taken to Child Haven.


New Report Targets Safety at NLV Airport

LAS VEGAS -- Investigators are trying to figure out if the pilot of an experimental aircraft hit something before it took off and crashed near Texas Station on Friday.

Authorities say the Dragonfly Mark II aircraft clipped a telephone pole wire, lost power and hit an SUV before crashing on Rancho near Lake Mead. Two people were on board but neither was seriously hurt. The woman inside the SUV was also uninjured.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

That crash highlights the problems some neighbors say they are having with the North Las Vegas Airport. Two crashes last year prompted state lawmakers to sponsor a study for recommendations to make the airport safer.

Metro Investigating Burned Body

Metro is investigating a scene where a burned body has been discovered near Pecos and Cheyenne.

Police say homicide investigators are taking the case, but there are no signs of foul play. Witnesses say the man was sitting on the burning mattress.

Plane Crashes Near Texas Station Casino

LAS VEGAS -- A plane crashed near Texas Station at about 5 p.m. today. The plane, a Dragonfly Mark II registered out of Las Vegas, came to a rest on the west side of Rancho Blvd. just south or Coran Lane.

According to Capt. Cedric Williams with the North Las Vegas Fire Department, the plane had two people on board when it crashed. One person was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The second refused treatment.

Authorities say the small experimental plane had just taken off from the North Las Vegas Airport. Only minutes later it somehow lost all it's power. "Ending up coming down, striking a wire to a telephone pole, crossing about six lanes of traffic," said Lt. Joe Ojeda with Las Vegas Metro Police.

But before the plane made a crash landing, it also hit Candice Porter's SUV. "It felt like something had fallen onto my roof, actually, but it was the tail of that aircraft that clipped it," she said.

Pigs Happy to Feast on Halloween Pumpkins

There are some Las Vegas pigs who would enjoy feasting on your Halloween pumpkins.

You can take your jack-o-lanterns to several locations around the valley and the pumpkins will be recycled as food for the pigs at R.C. Farms in North Las Vegas.

Just look for the blue dumpsters at the following Stu. Miller pumpkin patches:

  • 1303 W. Sunset & Stephanie (Sunset Casino parking lot) 
  • 8007 W. Sahara & Buffalo (next to Terrible Herbst)
  • 1045 S. Eastern Avenue (K-Mart Shopping Center) 
  • 6400 Centennial Blvd. & U.S.95


I-Team: Tax Money for More Police Falls Short in NLV

The More Cops Sales Tax initiative passed on a promise to put more patrol officers on the streets of southern Nevada. Millions generated by the quarter-cent sales tax hike was supposed to increase the rate of police officers per resident. Yet the Channel 8 I-Team has discovered -- in one city -- the numbers just don't add up.

Local government continues to fund the police department as it always has plus it can add even more officers with the "more cops" sales tax. Trouble is, the city of North Las Vegas has far fewer police than projected. Some are questioning whether the tax has lived up to its end of the bargain.

"Hurry up and get your weapon together. You're in a gun battle right now. Somebody's going to shoot you because you can't get your weapon together," barks Henderson Police Officer Larry Jannotti to a new recruit.

North Las Vegas Police Hunting Peeping Tom

Investigators need help to catch a peeping tom. They say the suspect has been spying on women in their North Las Vegas homes for several weeks now. They're concerned about what could happen next.

Cheryl Murray says the peeping tom was in her backyard. "You almost feel more like a prisoner in your home. You know it really is kind of frightening," she said.

Investigators say the man is 32-year-old Abrawien Percy and is wanted by authorities. "Police are concerned because the suspects behavior is escalating," said North Las Vegas Police Officer Chrissy Coon.

Percy is accused of peeping in thru the windows of unsuspecting victims for at least the past month. "It's scares me. It really does. Especially when my husband is gone," said Murray. "I guess you always think that it happens to somebody else and then it does come to your block and it does happen to you."

Only weeks ago, Murray says she spotted Percy on her very own fence.