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Police Identify 3 Suspects in Teen's Murder

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- The police are asking for the public's assistance in locating three murder suspects.

North Las Vegas detectives say the three teens are responsible for the shooting death of 16-year-old Donald Troutman on May 26th in the 5100 block of Cross Ranch Street.

The suspects are 17-year-old Sean Hall, 18-year-old Quinten White and 19-year-old Soloman White. Police say they should be considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information is asked to call the North Las Vegas Police Dept. at (702)633-9111 or to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at (702)385-5555.

I-Team: Scholarship Fund Started to Honor Missing Girl

LAS VEGAS -- This Thursday marks four years since the disappearance of Everlyse Cabrera. The two-year-old went missing from her North Las Vegas foster home.

Though a legal battle over her loss has yet to be resolved in its entirety, one piece of it promises to impact the lives of other at risk kids.

This year, a scholarship in Everlyse's memory will soon be announced to benefit other foster kids.

Everlyse disappeared June 10, 2006. According to her foster parents, Everlyse used a stool to unlock the front door and disappear into the night.

A lawsuit brought by Everlyse's biological parents against her foster parents, Manny and Vhee Carrascall, and against Clark County, resulted in a $300,000 settlement, the bulk of which is still in dispute.

Motorcycle Riders Using Novelty Helmets with Little Protection

LAS VEGAS -- Owning and riding a motorcycle could save you a lot of money in gasoline, but if you're not careful, it could cost you your life.

Over the last few months, southern Nevada has seen a spike in the number of motorcyclists killed on the roads. So far this year, North Las Vegas has had four motorcycle fatalities while Las Vegas has had six, matching their total number from last year.

While there is not one specific problem, police say they are seeing a trend among riders. Many are opting for novelty helmets -- headgear that doesn't contain much padding.

Riders say they're choosing image and comfort over safety.

"The weight of them, especially on long rides, it's a lot of weight and putting pressure down on their neck and not only that but when it gets to 120 degrees out here, it's hot and the novelty is a lot cooler. You don't have as much bulk," said Cherllyn Simpson with Leather Headquarters.

Child Drowns in North Las Vegas Pool

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- A child drowned in a North Las Vegas pool Saturday. It happened on Caribbean Blue Avenue around 7:45 p.m.

North Las Vegas Police Sgt. Tim Bedwell says the child didn't live at the home, but was a guest at party with more than 20 people present.

The pool is described as dark-bottomed, and when party-goers first spotted the child, he wasn't identifiable. The child's father dove in and started CPR.

The child, age 7, was transported to UMC Medical Center where he died.

It is the first drowning in North Las Vegas of the year.


Motorcyclist Suffers Serious Injuries in Crash

NORTH LAS VEGAS --  A man is clinging to life today after an accident involving two motorcycles on E. Craig near Interstate 15.

North Las Vegas police say the driver of a van was attempting to move into the lane of a motorcycle rider on a Harley Davidson. Police say that maneuver caused the motorcyclist to swerve into another lane in the path of another motorcyclist. Both riders lost control of their bikes.

The rider of the Honda was wearing protective gear and received some bumps and bruises. The rider of the Harley was wearing a novelty helmet and was rushed to UMC where he is undergoing emergency brain surgery.

"The reality is if you have a helmet and your head slides into the curb at 10 miles per hour at the end of the crash, you're going to be in much better shape then if you don't have a helmet on or one of these fake ones," said Sgt. Tim Bedwell, NLV Police Department.

2 Dead in House Fire

LAS VEGAS -- A spokesperson with the Las Vegas Fire Department says two people have been found dead in a house fire near Michael Way and Lake Mead.

The fire started around 4:20 p.m. on the 5300 block of Dulce Ave.

A neighbor with a smoke mask went inside to try and save anyone. The neighbor spotted an elderly woman slumped over in the bedroom and an elderly man slumped over on the couch.

The neighbor left the home and fire crews eventually arrived. Neighbors say the couple lived there for more than a decade.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Millions of Stimulus Dollars come to Nevada

LAS VEGAS -- More stimulus money is headed to the state to fix the roads. So far, more than $200 million has been awarded to Nevada.

While it may mean some short term traffic tie ups, in the long run, it equals road improvements, a lot of new construction jobs, and a boom for some local businesses.

Nevada recovery road funds could create or sustain as many as 5,600 jobs.

Mary Martini, the head engineer for the Las Vegas area at the Nevada Department of Transportation, says from landscaping to paving roads, this is providing jobs.

"Let's just say you are doing a paving job, you need a paving crew, which is four to six people, you need trucks to haul the mix, so you've got 20 to 30 truck drivers, you need to have a plant that's producing the mix, so you've got a dozen workers there," she said.