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Mayor: Future looks bright for North Las Vegas

Just a few years ago, the city of North Las Vegas had junk bond ratings, but in Thursday's State of the City address, Mayor John Lee told the crowd the city has come roaring back.

Mayor John Lee says his policy of "grownomics" is working; pushing for a construction boom to help recover from the recession.

Based on his speech, the city seems to still be continuing down the road to recovery.

"North Las Vegas is blooming just like it said in the bible, and that's beautiful," he said.

A city that continues to come back from the edge of an enormous fiscal cliff. The long-term debt was at $152 million when Lee took office in 2013 and down to about $23 million last year. Mayor Lee says it's roughly the same this year.

"This year is going to be phenomenal for us, I'm expecting to start erasing that debt almost to zero in no time," He said... Read More

Legacy Traditional School breaks ground in North Las Vegas

A new charter school broke ground Wednesday in North Las Vegas.

The new school will be on Valley Drive at La Madre Way, that's between Washburn and Lone Mountain roads.

This was just one of 20,000 different events recognizing School Choice Week around the nation. Organizers say they don't advocate any type of school over another but do support parents ability to choose what's best for their children.

Legacy Traditional Schools already have 12 charter schools in Arizona and today's groundbreaking opens a new front in Nevada.

Hard hats on, golden shovels in hand, North Las Vegas city leaders helped Legacy traditional school break ground on their new 80,000 square foot charter school for students in kindergarten through 8th grade.

Parents are already lining up to enroll their kids for the fall... Read More

North Las Vegas pig farm makes way for housing development

Most of the animals have been moved from a North Las Vegas pig farm.

R.C. Farms was known for promoting sustainability by feeding leftovers from Las Vegas Strip buffets to their animals. They were also known for the manure smell that would sometimes drift into surrounding areas after a good rain.

The farm is closing and being turned into a housing development.

Bob Combs is in his 70s and raising pigs has been his life work. As you can imagine, not having the animals around is a big change but he and his wife Janet have kept their sense of humor as the remaining momma and baby piglets were moved off the farm this week.

R.C. Farms used to be teaming with pigs. At one time, there were 6,000 on the farm. But now, almost all of the pigs are gone. They've been taken to a different operation. The stalls are empty and the 150 acres are being cleaned up... Read More

Family: 6-year-old child severly burned in fire dies

A 6-year-old child severely burned in a fire Thursday morning has died from her injuries, family members said.

The fire happened in the early morning hours of Thursday near Lake Mead and H Street in an apartment that did not appear to have a fire alarm, fire investigators said.

Family members said Kaysha suffered burns to 80 percent of her body. She was placed on life support before she died.

Kaysha's mother, Diana Bankson, a mother to two other kids, died in the fire. Kaysha's dad Andrew Ray is still in the hospital being treated for injuries he sustained during the fire.

8 News NOW was told by family members that the father needed surgery and remains in critical condition. The couple's two oldest daughters escaped the flames with cuts to their bodies from crawling out of a broken window... Read More

Mother killed, father and child hospitalized after fire

A family is devastated after an apartment fire claimed the life of a mother and left her husband and young daughter in the hospital.

The fire happened in the early morning hours of Thursday near Lake Mead and H Street in an apartment that did not appear to have a fire alarm, fire investigators said.

"This is ridiculous," said Belinda Ross, the victim's sister.

Family members embraced each other as they grieve the death of their loved one who they have identified as Diana Bankson, a mother of three.

"A good parent to her daughters. She just started working again, trying to get her life together for the kids. A tragedy just happened." Ross said.

Bankson's young daughter and husband were badly injured in the fire. Family members identify the two as Kaysha and Andrew Ray.

They say the father needed surgery and remains in critical condition. The little girl suffered burns to 80 percent of her body and is on life support... Read More

Woman dead, 4 injured in apartment fire

A woman is dead and two other people, a young girl and man, suffered critical burns and smoke inhalation in an apartment fire in the early morning hours of Thursday.

Two teen girls were able to escape the burning apartment through a broken window at the back of the apartment.

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue responded to the deadly fire near Lake Mead and H Street around 12:45 a.m.

When they arrived at the apartment, they found a badly burned man lying on the ground in front of the unit.

According to Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, the front door was locked causing firefighters to force open the door. Once inside, they found the woman deceased lying on the floor in the living room and a little girl on the floor in the hallway.

All four were transported to University Medical Center for treatment of burns and smoke inhalation... Read More

Apartment fire leaves 1 woman dead, 4 people suffering from burns

Las Vegas Fire and Rescue are investigating a deadly apartment fire near Lake Mead and H Street.

Fire officials responded to the fire at 12:45 a.m. and quickly put it out.

One woman died at the scene and a family of five were displaced.

Four people were transported to University Medical Center for burns and smoke inhalation including a young girl who is being treated in the Intensive Care Unit.

Ten other people in nearby units were displaced from the apartment fire.

Red Cross Disaster Action Team volunteers are on the scene meeting with everyone to ensure that they have a safe place to sleep and have food, clothing, medication, and other essentials.

The estimated cost of damages is about $35,000, according to investigators.

The cause of the fire is under investigation... Read More