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Emergency Responders Train for Workplace Shooting | Crime

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Emergency Responders Train for Workplace Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- Gunfire and sirens rang out in a North Las Vegas industrial neighborhood Friday. It was part of an emergency preparedness drill simulating a workplace shooting.

The drill came in the wake of 2010's federal courthouse shooting and last month's shooting in Tucson, Arizona. MedicWest teamed up with North Las Vegas fire and police to create a realistic drill that began with the sounds of shooting.

"It's something that all businesses need to be prepared for and need to make sure they have a plan in place. There is no business anywhere within this community immune from having something like this happened," said Chad Henry, operations manager with MedicWest.

Police officers practiced moving into the building and stopping the mock gunman firing blanks. Paramedics and firefighters practiced their triage methods. Considered a mass casualty scenario, it provided a way for their newest members to identify the severity of injuries after a workplace shooting.

Business managers observed the action, saying they would take these lessons back to their companies.

"We'll probably end up doing these kind of drills ourselves. As you can imagine, we probably have disgruntled employees or disgruntled customers at one time or another. This is a very real threat, considering that people can carry firearms in the State of Nevada," said Frank Del Toro with NVEnergy.

One lesson police officers passed on regarding workplace shootings is to put cell phones on silent, if you can. A ringtone can draw attention if a gunman is still in the building.

The business leaders watching the drill say they learned the lessons of staying calm and communicating with responding emergency responders.