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Former Hispanic Leader Accused of Running Scam | Crime

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Former Hispanic Leader Accused of Running Scam

LAS VEGAS --  The man at the center of one the local Hispanic community's largest scam cases turned himself into authorities on Monday.

Rene Orozco is charged with nine felony counts of theft and fraud. As a former radio host and head of a Latino immigrant organization, Orozco had a high profile in the Hispanic community. Now, he's facing accusations he conned the same community he volunteered to represent.

As Orozco is taken away in handcuffs, Arturo Gonzalez looks on with satisfaction. Gonzalez says Orozco posed as an attorney, telling the Gonzalez family he'd be able to help their daughter stay in the country.

"He says he fixed the immigration deportation. She won't have to go to Mexico, and he'll get papers for my daughter. We believed in this guy," said Arturo Gonzalez, an alleged scam victim.

Orozco is accused of taking thousands of dollars and not doing a thing. Gonzalez's daughter was deported to Mexico.

"We cry all the time. We never knew that Rene's a big liar. We were thinking he's a good person. We made a big mistake with him," Gonzalez said.

Orozco allegedly used his position as head of the League of United Latin American citizens, or LULAC, to target Hispanic immigrant families.

"I wanted to yell at him and say in his face, you're a rat and a thief," said Victorio Reyes, an alleged scam victim.

Orozco's son and his attorney refused to answer any questions, telling the judge, "He's a paralegal that fell behind. He had some cases that didn't get completed," said Ryan Alexander, Orozco's defense attorney,

Orozco left Nevada on March 3rd as Metro served search warrants on his business and home looking for evidence. His defense attorney did not explain why Orozco avoided his arrest warrant for nearly a month.

With his family unable to make the $50,000 bail, Orozco was taken into custody. It's a small measure of satisfaction for Arturo Gonzalez. He says Orozco's arrest still won't bring his daughter back.

Prosecutors say this is just the tip of the iceberg. At least nine more people have contacted Metro saying Orozco scammed them. Metro is still looking for more victims.