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Gun Owner Thwarts Violent Robbery | Crime

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Gun Owner Thwarts Violent Robbery

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Police are still looking for a North Las Vegas robber they say was stopped by his victim using a handgun. Multiple shots were fired at a WalMart parking lot Tuesday after police say the robbery victim was violently shoved.

The thwarted robbery attempt highlights the state of weapons permits in southern Nevada. It is easier to get a concealed weapons permit in Nevada than most other states. One woman said she is getting a concealed weapons permit after being attacked just outside her home.

"I was assaulted about a month ago. A gentleman approached me in my apartment complex and demanded valuables. I complied. I gave him whatever he asked," said Aleksei Volkov. "I have decided to purchase a gun."

Metro police issued nearly 44,000 concealed weapons permits in the last 15 years. Firearms instructors say the number of people taking their concealed weapons classes remain steady. It takes an eight hour course and test at a Metro-approved gun range to get those permits.

North Las Vegas police urges caution when it comes to using a concealed weapon when attacked.

"We encourage people that could perhaps be victims of a crime to give up whatever property is being asked for. Most of the time, robbers are not looking to hurt you or kill you, they're looking for whatever property they may be able to rob you of," said Officer Chrissie Coon.

North Las Vegas police won't say how many rounds the robbery victim fired in the parking lot. They say using a weapon can escalate a dangerous situation or result in others being hit by gunfire.

Police are still looking for the WalMart parking lot attacker. They have not released a suspect description, but say they are reviewing surveillance video.