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I-Team: Father Accused of Beating Daughter to Death | Crime

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I-Team: Father Accused of Beating Daughter to Death

NORTH LAS VEGAS --  A North Las Vegas father on probation for shaking his girlfriend's baby sits behind bars accused of murdering his own child. The incident happened Friday and the 1-year-old girl died from her injuries Thursday morning.

According to court records, Kevin Taylor spent 10 months in a prison work camp for shaking his girlfriend's baby. The arrest report from Nye County notes that Taylor became so threatening to a Child Protective Services investigator that she felt her safety was at risk.

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Taylor is currently on probation for that crime and now faces murder charges for the death of his own child.

North Las Vegas police arrested Taylor Friday on child abuse charges for traumatic injuries suffered by his 1-year-old daughter, Kaitlynn. The case will now be upgraded to a murder count.

Police responded to calls at a North Las Vegas home last week and discovered the child, who was not breathing. "When our officers arrived, of course our officers found the one-year-old with very serious traumatic injuries," North Las Vegas Police Sgt. Tim Bedwell said. Kaitlynn was taken to University Medical Center. A few days later, she died from her injuries. "If he's guilty of this, we certainly wouldn't want him to be around children again," Sgt. Bedwell said.

According to police reports, Taylor admitted to striking Kaitlynn's head with his palm, forcibly pushing her face into a mattress and throwing her against a wall. When asked why he handled her so roughly, Taylor told detectives, according to the report, he did not want his children to grow up to be taken advantage of.

"I don't know how you get it in your mind to injure a 1-year-old. I don't understand it. I know that when we investigate these, what you have to do is to detach yourself from that empathy feeling and just look at the facts," said Sgt. Tim Bedwell, North Las Vegas Police Dept.

Family friends reacted to the news. "(I've) never known that he would have done something like that so serious," said family friend Nicole Brandt. "It's just babies are so delicate, and you shouldn't be rough-housing with them. You should be nice... I hope he goes to jail for life, because that's just something that you don't do. You don't kill a little baby."

"There's clearly no defense for this behavior," said Sgt. Bedwell. "This isn't something that this person was able to stop."

It is not clear at this point why Taylor had unsupervised access to his daughter given his history.

More information should come out in a few days when the state releases its report on the girl's death.

Taylor will remain in custody on a bond of $750,000.