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North Las Vegas Fire Station 6th Busiest in Nation | News

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North Las Vegas Fire Station 6th Busiest in Nation

North Las Vegas has a brand new fire station. Station 53 is at Gowan and Simmons. It's a 15,000 square foot structure and houses up to 14 firefighters. It can hold four fire engines and paramedic trucks.

North Las Vegas Firefighter Nathan Harrison says the new station will give them some help around a neighborhood that has been getting a lot calls, "We needed a bigger station to accommodate the growth of the city and the growth of the citizens so we can serve them better."

The cost of Station 53 was just over $4 million. It replaces the older North Las Vegas fire station on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

This new station will also help relieve some of the pressure on a nearby station that deals with numerous calls every day. Fire Station 51's rescue truck is one of the busiest in the nation.

Firefighters say there are several reasons that they're so busy - it's an older part of town, there are lot of seniors in the area, and crime is also a factor.

A firefighter.com survey says this station is the sixth busiest in the country. 20 to 30 calls a days is a typical day for Rescue Unit 51. Harrison has only minutes to check his rescue rig because Rescue 51 could be called out any minute.

"Barely get to throw your stuff on a rig and we're heading out the door," he said.

The truck has been called out on more calls than any other rescue unit in North Las Vegas. It's been called out to so many emergencies, it's racked up over 100,000 miles and has had more tire changes than all of the fire engines combined.

"All the calls are generally medical aid and traffic accidents. We respond with the engines as well for fires. All our rescues get dispatched for fires as well," said Harrison. "After you pull back from the station you get another call and you don't ever pull back, you just go from call to call to call."

It's another typical day for Firefighter Harrison and his paramedic. They'll be lucky if they get a lunch, but for them, it's all in a days work. Harrison has been with Rescue 51 since 2006. Another paramedic has been with the unit for nearly a decade. They say they won't leave because the job keeps them on their toes.

Station 51 does have quite a few engines to help out if Rescue 51 is overburdened. In fact, there's another rescue unit with all the equipment on standby. It responds to quite a few daily calls too.