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North Las Vegas Sees Rash of Murders | Crime

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North Las Vegas Sees Rash of Murders

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Some North Las Vegas residents say they feel like prisoners in their own homes after four murders in only a matter of days.

The murders have happened over the span of about a week. Over the weekend there was also a stabbing and a shooting at a wake. Neighbors say the violence has to stop.

"It's a pretty tragic thing to experience -- especially so close," said resident Tony Lowe. "We don't like to seem unfriendly to people, but it does make you a whole lot more cautious about where you go and when you go."

Police have arrested one suspect in one of the murders. As for the others though, those suspects are still on the run.

"At this point in the investigation, there isn't anything that indicates that any four of these murders are related in any way, shape or form," said Chrissie Coon with North Las Vegas Police. "Murder is the one crime that police can't predict. We can't tell you where the next murder is going to happen."

Despite some resident's beliefs that a stepped up police presence would make the difference, authorities say that's not really the case.

"It's very difficult to create any kind of patrol or enforcement to combat homicides or murders," said Officer Coon.

Residents say a neighborhood watch would be a chance to get involved if they see something suspicious, rather than remain quiet and live in fear.

"By all means, report it. That' s going to help keep safety in our community," said Lowe.

"If neighbors are interested in banding together to keep that element of crime out, the police are here to help them do that," said Officer Coon.

The last murder brings the total number of homicides to 14 for the year for North Las Vegas. So far, that's one more than what police saw last year.