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One Year Since Officer Killed During Robbery Attempt | News

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One Year Since Officer Killed During Robbery Attempt

LAS VEGAS -- One year ago, six men gunned gun down an off-duty Metro police officer in his own garage. A year later, the family of Officer Trevor Nettleton is still struggling to get on with their lives.

The death of Officer Nettleton has become especially hard for his mother, Deb. The mother who there for his birth, and tragically the one to see him take his last breath.

"He'd call me every Sunday and we'd talk about what weird thing have just happened," she said.

But last Thanksgiving, Nettleton never called. Only days before, Officer Nettleton was gunned down in his garage. He chased the six suspects who shot him, and then ran home.

"He was shot. He returned fire and he chased them off. And then he cam into the house and that's where he lost his life," said Austen.

Officer Nettleton died in his mothers arms.

"I keep thinking maybe that he's back in the Marines. Doing something for the department. Or that I'm going to wake up and this didn't really happen," she said.

This year has been a struggle for Austen. In and out of depression, she's been coping with burying her 30-year-old son and she still waits for that phone call hoping that Trevor will call and the nightmare will be over.

The six suspects will go on trial for Officer Nettleton's death in February. Austen says she will be there to face her son's killers.