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Shooter's Arrest Upsets Some Neighbors | Crime

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Shooter's Arrest Upsets Some Neighbors

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- A 60-year-old North Las Vegas man is facing two felony counts of battery with a deadly weapon after shooting two men over the weekend.

North Las Vegas police Officer Chrissie Coon said Monday that James Bulah was freed on $20,000 bail pending a court appearance Thursday following his arrest on Sunday.

Even though Bulah is out of the North Las Vegas Detention Center, he still faces months of legal battles. Police say he broke the law but neighbors see it differently.

"These guys came on his property and tried to break into his truck. You do what you gotta do," said Manny Munoz, Bulah's neighborhood.

"I would have did the same thing," said another neighbor, Grace Clay.

The support for Bulah is not hard to find in his North Las Vegas neighborhood.

"I think he acted correctly. People were trying to steal from him, steal his livelihood. He keeps his tools in his truck, self employed, works with saws. They were trying to steal it. He took action," said Joe Rauscher, neighbor.

But Bulah's actions landed him in jail. Police say early Sunday morning, Bulah heard someone tampering with his work truck which was parked outside. Instead of calling police, he grabbed his rifle. Police say the suspects were already driving off in their own vehicle when Bulah fired shots hitting both men, causing them to crash. The men are listed in critical condition at UMC.

"The law doesn't allow you to use deadly force against someone unless there is a clear deadly threat to a person," said Sgt. Tim Bedwell, NLV police.

Bedwell says in this case, Bulah and his family were in no danger.

"In the heat and passionate moment when you are angry that someone has tampered with your property and you have the means to use deadly force, you have to stop and you have to be reasonable," Bedwell said.

While some neighbors -- who didn't want to be interviewed -- said Bulah's actions were extreme, others are calling his arrest an injustice.

"That is true he wasn't in any danger, but I believe he didn't do anything wrong," Munoz said.

Police are investigating whether the suspects were involved in other car burglaries. Both men are foreign nationals and could face charges.