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“Polite” burglar takes off shoes before stealing items from home |

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“Polite” burglar takes off shoes before stealing items from home

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WTMJ) — A polite burglar made off
with thousands of dollars in electronics and a car from a Wisconsin couple’s
home, but he also took off his shoes and shut the garage door on his way out.

He got inside by first going into their locked car.

“A guy came was able to
break into my car. Which allowed him to get the garage door opener,” said Alex
— the homeowner. “That allowed him access to the inside of the house.”

Alex says it took the burglar
awhile to figure out how to work their garage door. But once he was inside
their three-story condo, he did what the homeowners usually do.

You can see the burglar on their security camera holding the
shoes as he goes back outside to their car. He then comes back inside and gets
to work.

He stole items from their office, then made his way to the second-floor
bedrooms. He also grabbed an iPad that was charging in the bathroom right next
to their room.

“He is literally three feet from the head of my bed where
we are sleeping,” Alex said. “It’s unbelievable. It is extremely scary. And I
feel fortunate we didn’t wake up to be honest because it looks like he did have
a gun from the footage.”

The burglar made his way
through each floor of their home. Alex believes he loaded the loot into the
other car in the garage, then took off.

“Ultimately then he left out of the garage in my wife’s car,”
Alex said.

“And he shut the
garage?” asked the reporter.

“He did. He was nice
enough to shut the garage as he was leaving,” answered Alex.

Alex said from now on, he’ll
lock the door that goes from the garage into their home, and they’ll keep their
garage door openers inside at night.