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Mouse found in burrito at Sioux City, Iowa restaurant |

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Mouse found in burrito at Sioux City, Iowa restaurant

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A customer at a restaurant in Sioux City, Iowa allegedly found a mouse mixed in with his burrito order.

Officials at Siouxland District Health Department (SDHD) received a complaint from the customer Wednesday afternoon.

SDHD responds to mouse found in local restaurantDownload

The customer claimed they found a mouse in their food while eating at the location.

A photo of the mouse mixed in with the customer’s food circulated on Facebook, which generated many comments and reactions from Siouxlanders.

SDHD has confirmed that a mouse was found at a restaurant and was associated with the customer’s meal.

It is still unknown how the mouse got mixed into the food at this time.

Upon receiving the complaint Wednesday, SDHD went directly to the restaurant to conduct an inspection.

After the inspection was completed, the restaurant agreed to voluntarily close for deep cleaning at SDHD’s recommendation. The facility also discarded any potentially contaminated food and pest control efforts.

On Thursday afternoon, SDHD inspectors returned to the restaurant to ensure that all public health recommendations associated with the complaint were implemented before re-opening for business.

Inspectors found the restaurant to have cooperated fully and implemented all recommended actions.

The restaurant is now free to reopen to the public.

Pest control in food establishments is just one of the many crucial aspects of maintaining food safety.

SDHD checks for compliance with safe food practices on a routine basis and when complaints from the public are reported.