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Study: Drug, alcohol popular at music festivals |

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Study: Drug, alcohol popular at music festivals

More than 32 million people go to a music festival every year, but along with music something else is prevalent at some of these festivals -- drugs and alcohol.

We're just a few weeks away from one of the biggest music festivals in the country, the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, and according to analysis by Detox.net, EDC is ranked fourth overall for the most amount of drug and alcohol mentions on social media.

The study analyzed 6 million Instagram posts and hashtags over the past two years from music festivals around the world and then scoured the data looking for mentions of substances like drugs and alcohol.

While EDC is fourth overall for mentions of substances, it also comes in at number 3 out of all festivals for mentions of MDMA, Molly or ecstasy with 8.7 percent of posts mentioning the illegal drug.

And another hugely popular festival in northern Nevada, Burning Man, which is coming up in late august, ranks first for mentions of psychedelic mushrooms at more than 15 percent of posts and number two for all drug related posts.

Another popular nearby music festival, Coachella, ranked number one for all drug and alcohol mentions. It's important to point out that this study only analyzed social media mentions of substance use so it relied on people who felt comfortable enough to discuss, in some cases, illegal drug use on social media.