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Parents relieved to see North Las Vegas Police patrol around schools |

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Parents relieved to see North Las Vegas Police patrol around schools

The North Las Vegas Police Department has dedicated more resources to enforcing traffic laws outside schools.

From illegal U-turns to jay walking, the school zone can be a danger zone for students. It's a concern many parents have when dropping off or picking up their kids.

"A lot of people speed, they just ignore the 25 mph," said Norris Wade, parent.

"Making illegal U-turns, or speeding and kids just running across the street, said Tia Quarles, parent.

North Las Vegas Police head to school zone areas to address those dangerous driving behaviors.

"After school, there was about 10 police motorcycles and they were pulling people over back to back to back," said Michael Gonzalez, parent.

Officers says parents need to talk to their kids about using pedestrian crosswalks and the danger of jaywalking. And sometimes, it's parents themselves, who are guilty of bad habits.

"They're on their phone, texting or calling someone, just not paying attention," Wade said. "You know, you have little people that's smaller than the bumper crossing."

Parents like Michael Gonzalez say they appreciate the extra resources being dedicated to safety.

"My son has actually been hit by a car before so me being able to see more patrols around the schools, it kind of puts your mind at ease."