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Caught on camera: Paintballers target north valley homes |

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Caught on camera: Paintballers target north valley homes

Residents in the northern part of the valley say they're fed up after drive-by paintballers targeted their homes.

"There's paint all over the driveway," recounted Lisa Holland, one of the affected residents. "I check the camera, and thank God that my camera picked it up."

Holland shared her home's surveillance video with 8 News Now. In the footage, a blue vehicle is seen driving down the street near 5th Street and Centennial Parkway. As the car approaches Holland's home, a sound similar to gunfire takes over the audio and continues as the car drives away.

It happened sometime Sunday night into Monday morning. Holland's husband found their car covered in paintball marks as he was leaving their home.

"It sucks that it happened at all," explained Holland. "But thank God it was a paintball gun because it could have been so much worse."

Holland alerted her neighbors through her Nextdoor mobile app. It turned out, her home wasn't the only one hit.

Holland read one of the comments on her post to 8 News Now. "Someone posted, 'They hit my house as well. At least it wasn't eggs.'"

Another resident shared photos he took Monday morning as well. His home is near Eldorado Park, a little more than one mile from Holland's home. The photos show his cars covered in paintball splatters. That resident, who didn't want to be identified, said at least five other homes on his street were hit as well.

"It makes you upset because when it does damage your property, it's money out of your own pocket," stressed Holland. "Especially when you have family, and you're renting."

Thankfully, the paint was able to be wiped off. Only a few specks remain on Holland's garage. "I don't know if this is still wet actually," Holland said as she showed 8 News Now the effects. "Oh yeah, it's still wet," she confirmed.

Holland shared a message to residents--including those unaffected by the paintball incident. "Just keep an eye on your stuff," Holland shared. "And if you don't have cameras, I would advise you to get them. Because it makes all the difference."

Holland also has a message to the paintballers behind the wheel.

"Knock it off," she stated firmly. "If you want to go paintball, they have paintball places out there you can be paintballing; not paintballing people's property. There's gotta be something better you could be doing with your time besides doing stupid stuff," Holland said.