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Tackling North Las Vegas' gang issues, recent shootings |

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Tackling North Las Vegas' gang issues, recent shootings

Getting local youth out of gangs is on the mind of the North Las Vegas community.

Police have come out and said gangs are a big concern. But what are police doing to address the issue? And how are community organizations responding?

North Las Vegas Police say it's all about working together. The police tell 8 News Now they plan to have a town hall meeting soon, to explain what the community can do to address gang violence.

Youth leaders are hoping change comes soon.

"Hey, I have a friend that was unfortunately part of the violence going on here in North Las Vegas, a lot of my friends are not seeing the age of 16 or the age of 18, or let alone 21," said Brittani Gray, youth program manager, Nevada Partners.

"What can we do"? is a question Brittani Gray hears too often.

She organizes youth programs for 16 to 24 year olds, through the organization, Nevada Partners. That includes life skills training and mentorships -- all to keep teens on the right track.

"We provide that one-on-one, step-by-step resource for them," Gray said. "A lot of leadership development, we do a lot of that in our organization, one-on-one calls, home visits, school visits, site visits."

Some of the young people they help are involved in gangs.

But due to a recent uptick in gang activity in North Las Vegas, some say the police need to step up.

"The police can't solve everybody's problem, which is why we need to work together with the community," said Officer Aaron Patty, North Las Vegas Police Dept.

8 News Now spoke with North Las Vegas Police who admit gangs are a serious issue. But they say the best way to combat it is through Neighborhood Watch programs.

And they're currently planning a town hall to address the community's concerns and provide some resources.

"When our folks come out, they will train them on what to look out for, when to call, aside from the neighborhood aspect, they'll come into your home, into your castle, and they'll make suggestions on how you can beef up your security, camera placement, door locks," Officer Patty said.

They also plan to keep a log of high problem areas, and beef up patrols there.

Reporter Orko Manna: "Do you think North Las Vegas Police are doing enough?"

Brittani Gray: "Um, there's always room for growth."

While community groups like Nevada Partners say work needs to be done. They agree that work needs to be done together.

"It takes everybody to ensure our young adults are productive citizens, that they're not on the streets, that their not in active gangs," Gray said.

North Las Vegas Police say their town hall will be organized by their office of community engagement.
But it's unclear right now when that town hall will take place.