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NLV cracking down on abandoned vehicles |

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NLV cracking down on abandoned vehicles

North Las Vegas officials are looking to keep the city safe and the community clean.

The goal of the newly-created parking services division in North Las Vegas is a campaign against illegal parking and abandoned vehicles in the new year.

There will be a new office when the new year hits for parking services manager Serafin Calvo. Calvo is the head of the North Las Vegas Parking Services Division and leading the city-wide crackdown on abandoned vehicles.

"So, this is our new parking services office," Calvo said. "As we beautify the neighborhoods by ridding the streets of these abandoned and junk vehicles. A lot of the debris that it collects will be able to be swept by the street sweepers, and will help in improving the property values of the homes that are up for sale."

The campaign also goes for apartment buildings that are surrounded by abandoned cars.

"The value of the property goes low. And then some of the residents, they don't even want to go and rent there because they say, well management doesn't take care of the outside, what's going to make them go the inside," said NLV resident and apartment management representative Lisa Segura. "You can't push a stroller or a wheelchair."

The parking services division is also getting strict when it comes to illegal parking, including on sidewalks.

"That's a pretty dangerous situation that could be prevented," Calvo said. "We don't realize the potential hazard that our vehicles are causing."

Calvo says by having a division dedicated to parking enforcement on the streets of North Las Vegas, it's also freeing up police resources.

"Parking violations don't rank very high when it comes time for combating crime, that's the only thing we're going to dedicate our time to, is non-moving violations," Calvo added.

Fines will range from $20 to $250 dollars.

"On the other hand, everyone else is going to be paying more tickets," Segura said.

The enforcement campaign will begin on Jan. 7, but there will be a grace period for the first month w and offenders will be given a warning.

Offenders will have to pay starting on Feb. 4.