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Steven Brooks Appears in California Court | Crime

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Steven Brooks Appears in California Court
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Steven Brooks Appears in California Court

Ex-Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks was in a California court Friday as part of a bid to enroll him in a mental health diversion program.

Brooks appeared in a Victorville, Calif. courtroom on charges stemming from a car chase and a police confrontation in March.

His lawyer asked earlier this week that Brooks be placed in a mental health court, which diverts people into treatment and holds them accountable along the way. A judge was expected to rule on his eligibility Friday.

Now, San Bernardino prosecutors are disputing whether Brooks should be transferred to a mental health court. They want him to stay in the criminal court system.

Brooks has pleaded not guilty to resisting an officer, felony evading and assault on a police animal charges filed after his March 28 arrest in Victorville.

The arrest was his third in a matter of months, and followed bizarre behavior that prompted lawmakers to expel him from the Assembly.

(Associated Press contributed to this report.)

Crime, People, Politics