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Mayor Looks to the Future of North Las Vegas | News

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Mayor Looks to the Future of North Las Vegas

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- The City of North Las Vegas is moving forward, but according to Mayor Shari Buck, they are not out of the woods just yet. Mayor Buck gave her State of the City Address today.

2011 has been a tough year for Mayor Buck, from a call for her resignation to dealing with a $35 million budget shortfall. But she is looking ahead and saying an empty land is an opportunity the city to has to grow and attract new businesses and new money to the area.

"Having 57 percent of our land still undeveloped, we are an anomaly in the valley. We have warehouse space and industrial space, large areas that the other cities and counties don't have," she said.

Before a crowd of almost 600 people, Mayor Buck said the push is on for new businesses to "move north" and call North Las Vegas home. Buck plans to bring more businesses to the area and balance the budget, which she says is in the black now, but could quickly change.

For a small local business like Info People, which makes plaques and awards, Director of Development Jeff Mockbey said he is encouraged to see city leaders optimistic and hope people will begin investing in North Las Vegas again.

"Instead of the city saying we are losing revenue or this or that or whatever negative thing could be going on, they were focusing on the positive. We are trying to bring business X, Y, and Z in. It was really great to hear," he said.

Info People has been around since 1980. They used to have full time staff but now the father and son run it and just use part time help because of the economy.

Mayor Buck says she wants to see small businesses like Info People stick around, but hopes bigger companies will take a gamble in North Las Vegas.