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NLV Mayor Wants to Hear More Talk of Foreclosures | News

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NLV Mayor Wants to Hear More Talk of Foreclosures

LAS VEGAS -- The Republican candidates have been all over Nevada this week, talking about everything from immigration to online gaming.

One thing that has not been talked about a lot is foreclosures. Nevada is the foreclosure capital of the nation, and thousands in the North Las Vegas 89031 zip code have been foreclosed on. Mayor Shari Buck says it's frustrating to hear the candidates gloss over the biggest issue we face.

"Until this housing crisis is solved, we are not going to recover as an economy in southern Nevada," she said.

The foreclosure nightmare that has plagued her city isn't letting up. North Las Vegas is still the home to zip codes with the most foreclosures in the country.

"These are not homes, or houses, these are families. These are families that, maybe the dad is having to move to another state, now the family is split up, children are having to move to a different residence, away from their friends, or away from their schools," said Buck.

Attorney Matthew Callister has represented thousands of homeowners who need help now.

"I am absolutely saddened at the lack of focus that any of the presidential hopefuls have placed on this issue, which, I have stated, is the key issue for southern Nevada's economy," he said.

Mayor Buck has thrown her support behind Mitt Romney, but she is worried that all of the candidates aren't focused on Nevada's most urgent need.

When 8 News NOW asked Romney about Nevada's housing crisis, he said, "The best thing we can do for home values in this country is to get people working again."