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North Las Vegas Police Bust Theft Ring | News

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North Las Vegas Police Bust Theft Ring
North Las Vegas Police Bust Theft Ring

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. - An undercover sting has led to a bust of a retail theft ring involving children in North Las Vegas. Authorities received a tip local convenience store employees were using their jobs as a front for their illegal operation.

Undercover cops worked fast to bring down this ring. Two men were at the heart of the scheme which involved high priced electronics stolen by children and then resold for a quick buck.

The ampm on the corner of Ann Road and Clayton Street offers regular unleaded at $3.53 a gallon, but police say two clerks were selling more than just gasoline.

"We had people who were really recruiting young people to go do burglaries and bring that property there to sell it to them and then they would go and sell it again," said Sgt. Tim Bedwell of the North Las Vegas Police Department.

Authorities say the convenience store owner had no idea two employees, Daniel Malaver and Jose Gonzalez, used their jobs as fronts to make some extra cash on the side. Investigators got a tip and moved in.

"When we received that tip, we had an officer undercover go into that store and bring them a computer which she told them was stolen," added Bedwell.

Police say the pair eagerly bought the Dell Laptop for 50 dollars and the suspects took turns buying the stolen loot - usually taken during home and vehicle burglaries and sold somewhere other than the convenience store.

Christine Bulmann was a victim of a break-in in April when she lived in Henderson. She now lives around the corner from the gas station.

"It's just appalling that there are people who prey upon children for crime. It's just a frightening feeling that someone was in your home, ransacking it, and they feel they had the right to take whatever what's yours," said Bulmann.

Police say it's a trend popping up nationwide partly because of the economy. They say employees are driven out of desperation to make any money they can even if it's illegal.

Police did not arrest any kids in this operation.

They say the two suspects face charges connected with buying and possessing stolen property. This is the second theft ring to be busted recently.

In July, investigators say the owner of Sunny Liquor and Market in North Las Vegas bought stolen booze and cigarettes and sold the items in his store.