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Community Remembers Jade Morris | News

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Community Remembers Jade Morris
Family, friends, and those wishing to remember Jade Morris gathered for her memorial.

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- Jade Morris' life was cut short when she was stabbed to death last month. On Wednesday afternoon, hundreds of people gathered at a local church to remember the 10-year-old and celebrate her life.

People who personally knew Jade Morris, and those who didn't, gathered at a church on Simmons Street and Lake Mead Boulevard for the young girl's memorial. Singing and dancing welcomed the crowd. 

Jade Morris' grandfather said he held the memorial because he wanted people to know about his granddaughter and celebrate the 10 years she was alive.

Morris was found dead in an undeveloped housing tract one week after she disappeared on Dec. 21, 2012. Her accused killer is her father's on-again, and off-again girlfriend. 

Harold Robertson, a retired police officer, never met Jade Morris but said he felt compelled to attend the memorial.

"I do not know her, or the family, or friends," he said.

Robertson had worked as an officer in Honolulu, Hawaii. He said, there was a case involving a young girl, like Jade, who was killed.

"It kind of touched my heart," he said.

Robertson clapped and sang as the crowd reflected on Jade's life. He said this memorial was closure for some of the crimes he covered.  

Jade's grandfather, Phil Tucker, was overwhelmed by the community support. He said people offer hugs and support daily.

"They don't have to say nothing. They could just say, there's the guy who lost his granddaughter, but they don't," Tucker said. "They just feel obligated to shake my hand or give me a hug."

Jade's ashes were placed in an urn at the front of the church during the memorial. Her grandfather said she would have been pleased with the turnout.

Harold Robertson, a retired police officer, did not know Jade but felt compelled to attend the memorial.