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Neighbors Band Together After Rash of Thefts | News

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Neighbors Band Together After Rash of Thefts

LAS VEGAS -- Thieves are targeting the Rancho Alta Mira neighborhood near Decatur Boulevard and Craig Road, stealing everything from tools and electronic devices to clothes.

Neighbors said it appears as any other quiet neighborhood, except for an unwanted guest lurking for an opportunity.

"When she got in her car, her car was ransacked," resident Kevin Bryl said.

A woman who asked not to be identified said she doesn't feel safe in her home.

Security is a luxury few people on Velazco Street in the Rancho community can afford. Bernardo Ramirez said thieves broke into his home a few weeks ago about 11 a.m.

"It's scary because I have two kids and they're scared," he said.

Ramirez said the thieves opened his garage, stole everything in it and left.

The thieves were so casual, neighbors thought they were movers.

"They were actually breaking in in broad daylight carrying all his belonging out and just leaving with them," neighbor George Carson said.

Thousands of dollars in electronics were taken.

Across the street, siblings Kevin Bryl and his sister, Tina, said they got into her car to take their mother to a doctor's appointment.

The glove box, they said, was open and everything thrown out of it.

A GPS was stolen.

Some residents said they are too afraid to speak on the record, but think the thieves are working together.

First, they noticed late night knocks on the door, inquiring about security systems. Then the mailbox was broken into.

In response, the residents formed a neighborhood watch.

As Metro Police detectives investigate and increase patrols in the area, police spokesman Bill Cassell said neighborhood watching is the best way to prevent thieves from striking again.

"What we're hoping that communities across the valley will do is realize that they need to be part of their own protection and they need to do exactly what this community is doing," Cassell said. "Learn who your neighbors are, learn who is supposed to be in their driveway."

Metro is investigating to see if the same thieves are teaming up to target this community, but wouldn't give any specifics on the thefts.

While officers can increase patrols, Cassell said neighbors really need to form a watch group and call police the second something out of the ordinary is noticed.