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Lawmaker Proposes Fast Food Tax | News

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Lawmaker Proposes Fast Food Tax
Lawmaker Proposes Fast Food Tax

LAS VEGAS -- If you drive through and pick up a quick meal, chances are it's loaded with calories.

In an effort to shrink Nevada's waistline, Democratic assemblyman Harvey Munford introduced bill AB 122.

It proposes that customers pay a 5 cent tax on food items with more than 500 calories.

From cheeseburgers to pizza to ice cream---if it's a calorie bomb, it would be taxed.

Some said it shouldn't be up to the state legislature to decide what foods should carry a higher tax.

"Calories is one person's own identity for themselves. If they want to be a fat person, let them be a fat person. If they want to be a skinny, let them be skinny but as long as they don't tell us we have to be what they idealize in their heads," said Paris Hughes.

Others said they understand the intention behind the bill.

If they want to keep everyone healthy, I guess its okay," said one man.

But, would 5 cent tax really help folks pay more attention to what they put in their mouths?

"No, it's not going to stop people. Unfortunately it's kind of hardwired into people. Delicious food is the best food, but hopefully it does push people away from it," said Jesus Parra.

And for those who continue to order the extra large, extra cheese, Assemblyman Munford said the proposed tax revenue would go to hospitals and to improve our educational system.