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DMV Kiosks Come to the Supermarkets

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Going to the DMV is a trip many people dread. But for the first time in southern Nevada, drivers can get what they need done from a box at a grocery store.

At the Albertsons on Craig Road and Decatur Boulevard, a special kiosk was unveiled. Customers can use the machine for basic needs, like renewing registration, reinstating a registration for insurance problems or getting a copy of your driving record for employment or insurance reasons.

With having to balancing work and family, sometimes there's never time for anything else. If you're like Sheila Conway, the thought of going to the DMV makes you cringe.

DMV at the Grocery Store

DMV at the Grocery Store

The DMV is coming to a grocery store in North Las Vegas.

The agency is opening its first kiosk inside a grocery store in southern Nevada. It will be at the Albertsons store on Craig Road and Decatur Boulevard. The kiosk will be revealed at a ceremony Thursday. The machine will allow people to renew registrations, print out driving records and reinstate registrations that have been suspended for lapses in insurance. There are already DMV kiosks inside DMV offices, at five AAA offices and at two grocery stores in northern Nevada but this is the first time the kiosks have been set up in a grocery store in southern Nevada. 

The DMV wants to add 80 new kiosks throughout the state.

(The Associate Press contributed to this report)


Video Surfaces of Shooting Rampage on Reality TV Show Crew

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. - For the first time, the public is seeing dramatic video of a shooting rampage that took place in North Las Vegas. Carlos Barron, a local middle school teacher, is charged with attempted murder. He's accused of opening fire on a camera crew from the reality TV show "Repo Games".

The production crew was filming an episode of the show in April on Vigilante Court near Centennial Parkway and Losee Road.

Contestants Damon and Caryn Nelson had just saved their SUV from repossession. The fun and games soon came to an end, however, and the Nelsons and the production crew nearly lost their lives.

"Hey Repo. You better get this #$%* out of my way, before I start kicking this $*#%. Move this $%#," an angry neighbor yelled.

"Hang on just a second. We'll get it," a crew member replied.

North Las Vegas in Serious Financial Trouble

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- The budget problems in North Las Vegas are worse than first thought. They are so bad, the state may have to take over the books if the cash-strapped city can't patch an $8.6 million budget hole in the next few weeks.

So the city is looking at two unpopular measures -- layoffs and raising taxes.

The state takeover is still just an idea and nothing is set in stone. North Las Vegas' mayor says she can fill the $8.6 million shortfall in two weeks. But that means more janitors, clerks and support staff will get laid off.

"Those cuts are going to come in non-essential jobs -- places where we don't necessarily have to. I hate to talk about any more layoffs, because those are people that we care about, those are employees, so then that cuts down on the services our citizens receive," said Mayor Shari Buck.

Police Hand Out Dozens of Tickets

Police Hand Out Dozens of Tickets

North Las Vegas Police handed out dozens of tickets during a traffic crackdown during  the past month.

On June 26 and again on July 3 the police department was part of the Joining Forces campaign put on by the Nevada Department of Public Safety. The campaign's focus was people driving under the influence. They stepped up patrols in some of the busiest streets in the city and nabbed people breaking traffic laws. On those two days police handed out 41 tickets for speeding violations, 11 for drivers license violations, 19 red light violations and 23 verbal warnings.

Statewide the Joining Forces campaign ran from June 17 to July 11. There is no word on just how many drivers were cited throughout the state. 

North Las Vegas Faces State Intervention on Budget Deficit

North Las Vegas Faces State Intervention on Budget Deficit

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- The city of North Las Vegas is in a tough spot facing a budget deficit and a possible financial takeover by the state of Nevada.

The city will have to find almost $9 million or lose the power of the purse. The city of North Las Vegas gets a lot of its money from property taxes. That formula worked out well when North Las Vegas was the fastest growing city in the nation year after year but now foreclosures have gone up and property values have gone down, leaving the city with a lot less money.

The city council approved an operating budget of $125 million in May but to meet that budget it has had to make major cuts. The cuts included 144 layoffs last month. Those cuts were supposed to include 40 police officers and 35 firefighters but court decisions have stalled that plan and left the city with an $8.6 million budget gap.

Firefighters and City Come to Tentative Agreement

Firefighters and City Come to Tentative Agreement

The City of North Las Vegas and the firefighters union have come to a tentative agreement that will save 35 jobs.

The firefighters union announcement the agreement Monday afternoon. It includes a 5 percent reduction in base pay along with cuts in incentives. Under the deal the city agrees to no layoffs from now until January 2012.

"The North Las Vegas Firefighters haven't received a raise since 2008, and this is our sixth round of concessions," said Jeff Hurley, president of North Las Vegas Firefighters Local 1607. "For the City's financial stability, we did this for public safety."

The firefighters union and the city will come back to the bargaining table in January of next year if budget projections show that the city needs to make further budget cuts.