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Police Hand Out Dozens of Tickets in Joining Forces Effort


North Las Vegas Police announced results from last week’s Joining Forces DUI enforcement.

The department reports arresting two people for DUI. It also handed out 12 speeding violations, 12 drivers’ license violations, 11 insurance violations along with tickets for seat belt, registration, equipment and red light violations. Officers also made 37 verbal warnings.

The enforcement took place October 29 ahead of the Halloween weekend. Officers were specifically looking for people driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. North Las Vegas Police worked with departments around southern Nevada to target major streets. 

Man Found Dead on Train Tracks

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Police are investigating another pedestrian death in the valley. This time, the victim was struck by a cargo train. North Las Vegas Police officers are trying to discover why the man was on the train tracks near Cheyenne Avenue and Losee Road.

Investigators spent three hours pouring over the scene. North Las Vegas Police and Union Pacific are working together on the investigation.

The accident happened around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening. Police say a man was on the tracks and in the cargo train's path. The engineer - unable to stop the train in time - ran into the victim and killed him.

Investigators are looking into a number of possibilities as to why the man was on the tracks.

"It can certainly be any multitude of things," said North Las Vegas Police Officer Chrissie Coon. "It could turn out to be a suicide, turn out to be maybe a transient in the area. At this point, it's unknown."

Deadly Accidents Spark Open Forum on Safety

Deadly Accidents Spark Open Forum on Safety

A string of deadly pedestrian accidents has people around the community talking about what needs to be done to make roads safer.

Safe Community Partnership and the Transportation Research Center at UNLV are planning an open forum on the issue Wednesday, November 16. Representatives from law enforcement agencies, engineers, elected officials and safety advocates are all going to be on the panel. They will be there to answer questions and lead a discussion about solutions.

The main goal is to form a group composed of several agencies representing several jurisdictions to address pedestrian safety now and in the future. The forum is open to anyone interested in the issue. It is set for 6:30 p.m., at the UNLV Science and Engineering Building Auditorium.

NLV Leaders Urge Everyone to Pay Attention on the Roads

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- City leaders in North Las Vegas are making a plea to drivers and pedestrians to be safe.

City leaders and police came together Tuesday to push for safer roads. North Las Vegas Mayor Shari Buck says she is heartbroken by the recent tragedies and is calling for drivers to put down all distractions and focus only on driving.

"I challenge you to make your next commute safer. The next time you get behind the wheel of a car in honor of Mia and Alyssa and the other victims in our city, I challenge you to put away your distractions, to slow down, to be more present and to be more aware of what you are doing," Buck said.

Firefighters Step In to Help Families of Girls Hit by Car

LAS VEGAS -- The men and women who came to the rescue of young girls hit while crossing a street in North Las Vegas once again came forward to help the girls and their families. 

North Las Vegas firefighters stopped at University Medical Center Monday to meet with the family of Alyssa Mowery. Six-year-old Alyssa and two of her friends where hit while crossing the street. Six-year-old Mia Decker was killed and the other girl, Alyssa's sister Rain, was hurt. She has been released from the hospital.

Alyssa is still at UMC. She under went surgery on her leg Monday, and she still has a breathing tube. Doctors are closely watching her progress.

To make a tough situation even worse, just days after the accident a jar full of donations for the families was stolen from a local gas station. That, combined with the nature of the crash, prompted the firefighters to act.  

Car Crashes Into North Las Vegas Home

NORTH LAS VEGAS. Nev. --  A car slammed into a North Las Vegas home near the intersection of Centennial Pkwy. and Revere St. The 57-year-old owner was in the home but not injured.

Police say the car was driven by a 19-year-old with two 16-year-old passengers.

Police say speed appeared to be a factor in the crash. Three people were inside the car, and tried to flee, but were chased down by officers.

The driver is facing hit and run charges and one of the passengers was arrested on unrelated charges.

Family Still Mourning the Loss of Son Murdered on Halloween

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- A North Las Vegas family is searching for answers after a deadly shooting in broad daylight on Halloween. Twenty-year-old Dakota Lee Volk old was killed in a relative's driveway near Arrow Stone Ct. and Ann Rd.

Volk's family says they are now faced with what seems like two impossible challenges; honoring their loved one's life with a proper burial and making sure his killer is behind bars.

"Why? I want to know why? If anybody knows anything please?" said Osa Maxey, Volk's mother.

Six days has passed since Volk was murdered and his close-knit family, especially his mom, has felt every minute every day.

"I'm just kind of numb. It doesn't feel real. I'm waiting for him to walk through the door," Maxey said.