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Students Bring History to Life
Students Bring History to Life

Students at Eisenberg Elementary School brought history to life with special presentation Friday.

The fifth-grade class researched a famous person who made a positive impact on the world, dressed like that person, then stood in the school's multipurpose room in a "wax museum" of sorts. The kids stood still until a museum visitor approached they would then recite what they had researched about that historical figure. The figures included everyone from President Obama and the First Lady to Jennifer Lopez and Bill Cosby. 

"The students learn how to research to learn about the character. Maybe one day they'll want to be a representative, they may want to be like that character but at least knowing some of the old not just the new like we see everyday," said fifth-grade teacher Lana Bates

"I was kind of interested in Egyptian stuff. It was a good idea for me because I kinda look like her," added fifth-grader Chardenae, who portrayed Cleopatra.

The students had a great time researcher and putting their costumes together but they report their arms did get tired after a while.