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Presidential Candidate Outlines Jobs Plan | Employment / Jobs

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Presidential Candidate Outlines Jobs Plan

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney brought his campaign to economically-troubled North Las Vegas Tuesday. He had one message for the gathered crowd: job creation.

Romney laid out his 59 policy proposals for job growth. The plan calls for cutting taxes, sanctioning China because of its currency policies, drilling for more oil, slashing federal spending and reducing regulations. He says on his first day in office, he will roll back regulations put in place by President Obama.

“So all those policies, all those regulations he put in place, I'm going to stop them in their tracks," said Romney.

Romney told the crowd at McCandless International Trucking that corporate tax rates need to be reduced by 25 percent.  Romney says that will inspire American businesses to invest in creating jobs here.

"I will dramatically increase the interest and effort of our nation to establish trade relations with other nations. I will actually establish something I'm going to call: the Reagan Economic Zone,” said Romney.

He says the zone will be for countries that want more free trade but will honor intellectual property laws.

Romney’s campaign says his plan would lead to 4 percent annual growth and create 11.5 million new jobs over four years. The candidate’s speech comes just two days ahead of President Obama’s planned speech where he will outline his plan to create jobs.

You can read the entire 160-page proposal at mittromney.com/jobs.