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Students Rewarded for Test Scores | Education & Schools

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Students Rewarded for Test Scores
Students Rewarded for Test Scores

Students at McCall Elementary got a special reward for passing an important standardized test.

Las Vegas City Councilman Ricki Barlow challenged the students last fall to take and pass the Nevada Criterion Reference Test. He promised the students who passed one or more parts of the exam they would get a pizza party and a reward. Friday he fulfilled that promise with a special party and new backpack filled with school supplies.The students' names were also put into a drawing for a new bicycle. 

"We're so glad that we have community support and that the kids are getting recognition, because they have worked really, really hard as well as the staff and the teachers," said Roseann Johnson-Parker, Assistant Principal at McCall Elementary. 

 McCall Elementary students who took the test turned in record high math and science scores. They also saw improvement in reading scores.

"We did it on our own. Each one of us had to do it on our own and some of the kids said it was easy and other kids said it was kind of tricky. But for me it was like in the middle," said sixth grader Juaqian Cabrera. 

"It feels very good for me to come back and really live up to my end of the bargain," added Barlow.  "This is the easy part for me to come and really just say congratulations to the young people. But they are really the ones who need to be rewarded for doing a great job."