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Parents Could be Fined for Teen Vandalism Spree | Crime

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Parents Could be Fined for Teen Vandalism Spree

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- It was one of the largest and most expensive vandalism sprees in southern Nevada history. Police say three teenagers may have caused $100,000 in damage to homes and cars in one North Las Vegas neighborhood. Now they're in jail and their parents could end up paying the price.

The vandalism happened near Alexander and Camino Al Norte. The teens broke windows, cracked windshields, and much more. Because the kids are under 18, their parents could have to pay back all the victims.

"If the parents were actively involved in these acts of vandalism, then they could be charged. In all likelihood, they probably weren't actively involved in these crimes, but they would still be on the hook for restitution," said Clark County District Attorney David Roger.

North Las Vegas police arrested the three teens on Friday night. One is 17-years-old and two are 16-years-old. Police do not believe the teens are gang members, but they did it for the thrill.

Since December, police say more than 70 acts of vandalism have been reported from the neighborhood. Cars and homes were egged, windows broken from rocks, and even a manhole cover was thrown into a car.

Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Ozzie Fumo says there may be more going with these teens than just the thrill of destruction.

"The first thing you might want to do is get these kids psych -- get a psychological evaluation to see what's wrong out there," he said. "To do it once or twice, you think it's just kids doing a prank. But 70 different times? There's got to be something wrong."

Police interviewed the teens on Friday night and arrested them based on 11 reported incidents. The teens have not been charged yet. They have been in Clark County Juvenile Detention Center since Friday night.

If they remain as minors in the court system and are convicted, they would face several months in the juvenile detention center and their parents would have to pay back the money for the damage. If they're tried as adults and convicted, they could serve time in state prison and be forced to pay back the $100,000 in restitution.