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Police Respond to Thousands of Domestic Violence Calls | News

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Police Respond to Thousands of Domestic Violence Calls

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- About 60,000 domestic violence incidents are expected in 2010 and some of those will turn deadly.

8 News Now went with North Las Vegas police officer Becky Rooks on patrol Sunday.  

"On a good day we can get three," Officer Rooks said about the number of domestic violence calls North Las Vegas Police respond to. "On a bad day, we can get as many as 20."

She says the economy is a contributing factor to the rising number of domestic violence incidents.

"The stress of losing their job, possibly their house, and everything else that comes with that. They just can't handle the added stress of the relationship like they used to."

Calls also spike when families are gathered together for holidays, or consuming alcohol.

While on patrol with Officer Rooks, a man assaults his girlfriend. She denies it, and tells police he's suffering from diabetes.

"You just told me that since you've been together he's beaten you 20 times," Officer Rooks says to the woman. "In the same sentence, you're telling me what a good guy he is."

Experts say once a significant other assaults you, there is no going back.

"From that moment on, the victim is in danger," said Jon Martin, a Domestic Violence Detective with City Attorney's office. "You're dealing with human emotions, emotions can get out of control in a matter of seconds."

Experts say the violence can escalate quickly and become deadly.

"We have the resources, we have the avenues to get you out of this hostile situation and put you in a safe environment if you actually want to," said Carlos Pence, a Victim Witness Advocate.

To stop domestic violence, police urge victims to speak up.

If you need help, call the Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-SAFE (7233)  or visit them online, by clicking here.