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Wildfire threat prompts Nevada Legislature to consider changes |

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Wildfire threat prompts Nevada Legislature to consider changes

CARSON CITY — On the heels of an intense fire season in 2020 that burned a record 16,000 square miles across the country, the Nevada Legislature is considering proposals that expand cooperation in fighting fires.

Currently, a 42-acre fire is burning at GoodSprings in Clark County.

Proposals about wildfire prevention, response and liability are advancing through the Nevada Legislature, and a senate committee reviewed three bills on Wednesday related to wildfires. No action was taken.

Among the changes being considered:

  • AB 84 -- Allows state fire officials to enter into public-private partnerships to when there's a threat of a catastrophic wildfire.
  • AB 86 -- Expands the ability of governments to recover damages from people or companies that are guilty of negligence in causing a fire. Removes requirement that the fire was a threat to human life, and adds cities and other local governments that are allowed to recover damages.
  • AB 100 -- Creates the Wildland Fire Protection Program under the Division of Forestry to aid in cooperation between agencies.