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Clark County School District grading policy leading to fewer failing grades, but more low grades |

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Clark County School District grading policy leading to fewer failing grades, but more low grades

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- The new Clark County School District grading policy is leading to fewer failing grades, but more low grades.

The policy went into effect district-wide this school year, after previously being implemented at a handful of schools in the valley.

Some teachers are concerned about the new model.

The school district says the goal is to ensure students' grades accurately reflect their knowledge of a subject, by reducing the impact of non-academic factors such as behavior.

Teachers and students say the new priority on testing versus assignments, is causing problems.

"It's been really heartbreaking," "Harriet Robinson, mother of three said.

There are three main changes to the CCSD grading policy:

  • The lowest grade is 50 percent
  • Behaviors do not influence a grade
  • And summative assessments such as a test are weighted far more than assignments

"He gets great grades on the assignments, but then when it comes to the test, he has so far bombed every single one," Robinson added.

Robinson says her son has a "D" in math. Although some schools are offering retakes, Robinson says it's not allowing him to catch up.

"By the time they get to the retake they've already moved on in the lesson, and he's trying to remember something from the previous week while also trying to remember what he's currently learning," Robinson added.

Del Sol Academy teacher Tam Lester says they're reporting fewer F's, but there are far more C's and D's. While he sees the benefits of the policy, he wants more resources for teachers.

"It is a difficult transitionary period for the teachers because we don't have a ton of different assessments prepared. We don't have the time for it right now and we don't have the training," Tam Lester, teacher, Del Sol Academy said.

Not all schools are allowing retakes on assessments. CCSD plans to implement a consistent reassessment policy next school year.