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DUI driver apologizes to family of woman he killed | News

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DUI driver apologizes to family of woman he killed

LAS VEGAS -- A judge has sentenced a 22-year-old Las Vegas man to seven to 20 years in prison for driving under the influence and causing death in a crash that killed a 17-year-old mother last Halloween.

On Thursday morning, the judge sentenced Leonard Walker for the death of Savannah McInnis. Walker was driving nearly 80 mph along Ann Road near Coleman Street when he crashed into the car McInnis was riding in with her then 2-year-old son.

McInnis was killed and two other people were seriously hurt. The child did not suffer serious injuries.

Originally, Walker faced several charges but those were dropped when he agreed to a plea deal. He did get nearly a year off his sentence for time he has already served.

At first, McInnis' mother and sister were not happy about the deal but said they were pleased with outcome. Julie McInnis, Savannah's mother, brought her grandson to Thursday's hearing to remind Walker of the pain he has caused.

"I wanted him to see the child. You know people can talk about a little child but when you have to look at him in the eyes and you have to see, this is the little boy that will never see his mother again, that will never ever have another minute with his mother again, just like us, all he has pictures," McInnis said. 

Walker offered an apology to his victims.

"It kills me to know that I caused this upon you and your family. I'm so sorry for the pain and suffering that I've caused you guys and I just pray that you can forgive me, so I can try and truly forgive myself," Walker said.

It was also revealed in court Thursday that Walker is going to be a father.