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Looking for love? Avoid Henderson, North Las Vegas, study says | News

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Looking for love? Avoid Henderson, North Las Vegas, study says

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas is a fairly average city for singles but North Las Vegas and Henderson both rate poorly in that category, according to rankings released Monday by consumer information website WalletHub.

Among the nation's 150 largest cities, Las Vegas ranked 71st, while Henderson and North Las Vegas placed 135th and 148th respectively. Reno in northern Nevada came out much better, ranking eighth.

Las Vegas ranked 37th for romance and fun -- including first place for highest number of nightlife options per capita -- but only 120th for its economics of dating. Henderson scored 114th for romance and fun and 116th for dating affordability.

North Las Vegas, which frequently ranks near the bottom in WalletHub studies, placed 139th for romance and fun and 134th for the economics of dating.

WalletHub included in the romance and fun category factors such as the percentage of single persons in the population, the singles gender balance, online and mobile dating opportunities, and numbers per capita of restaurants, cafes, parks, attractions, nightlife options, shopping centers and wellness and spa centers.

For the economics of dating WalletHub considered restaurant meal costs, average beer and wine prices, movie costs, taxi fares, haircut and beauty salon costs, average monthly fitness club fees, housing costs, job growth and the unemployment rate.

Writing for WalletHub, Richie Bernardo cited Census Bureau data showing that last year roughly 105 million adults aged 18 or older -- 44 percent of the nation's adult population -- were unmarried.

“As for those in the market for love, location can mean the difference between a perpetually single life or a happily ever after,” Bernardo wrote. “The city one calls home dictates such important factors as the number of prospective partners, diversity of dating activities and costs of going out.”