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Acts of Kindness: Noah Bennett and Rosonna Garvey | News

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Acts of Kindness: Noah Bennett and Rosonna Garvey

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. - North Las Vegas Police Officer Noah Bennett and wife Rosonna Garvey began making special plaques for families of lost loved ones after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“When Sandy Hook happened, Rosonna was upset crying and said, ‘We've got to do something.' That's just when we spearheaded this idea, and moved forward with it,” Bennett said.

They created two memorial plaques honoring Newtown, Connecticut and the first responders who answered calls for help.

When two assailants ambushed and killed Metro Police Officers Allyn Beck and Igor Soldo in Las Vegas last year, Noah and Rosonna created another plaque.

Officer Bennett and his wife also made a keepsake for police in New York after the shooting ambush of two New York City police officers in December 2014.

“It lets someone have that lasting memory of their loved one, so everything that we do, we specialize one hundred percent toward that person,” Bennett said.

“We've also done them for people who have lost children in the community,” Garvey said.

They've created 20 plaques, but the family member who owns the machine is moving.

“Now, it's in jeopardy of leaving us,” Garvey said.

They launched a campaign on their Hearts and Crosses Facebook page to raise money for their own machine and supplies. They are partnering with the show "Cops" to spread the word. “Cops” will match the fundraising total.

“We promise we'll take that money and do great things with it,” Bennett said.

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