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Local family suspects illness from Lumber Liquidators products | News

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Local family suspects illness from Lumber Liquidators products

LAS VEGAS -- A local family, who watched a 60 Minutes investigation on Lumber Liquidators use of flooring from China that contains high levels of formaldehyde, suspect their floor might be making them sick.

An undercover test on some wood laminate flooring from the national chain revealed high levels of formaldehyde. The chemical can cause breathing problems or in some cases death.

Noah Bennett and his wife, Rosonna, installed wood laminate flooring they bought from Lumber Liquidators, in their North Las Vegas home last month.

Bennett and his wife say the flooring was a do-it-yourself project. They started to replace most of the flooring in their home, but had to stop. He says within days his wife, their adult son, himself and even their two dogs became sick.

The 60 Minutes investigation aired on Sunday. After watching 60 Minutes, they believe the flooring may be the cause of their sickness.

“As a consumer you try and go out and purchase stuff for your home to make it beautiful, and you find out in the long run, that it could possibly be bad for you,” said Bennett. “A couple of days later, Rosonna got sick. She had bronchitis and stuff and then a couple days later I got sick with the same kind of stuff, and it was really just sitting in the house."

Worried, but unsure about the flooring, Bennett hired Steve Havens, the owner of Infinity Environmental Services, to test the air in his home for formaldehyde. Steve set up three samples to test the air quality in and around the house. He set up one right above the floor in question, one in a back room and one outside.

“We let it sit here for a 24-hour period,” said Havens. “We package it up and send it back to the laboratory, which is located in California.”

The 60 Minutes investigation revealed factories in China knew the product in U.S. stores exceeded government standards, but it was sold to consumers anyway.

Bennett says he went back to the store where he bought the flooring, but got no where.

“They couldn't give me an answer. They gave me an 800 number,” said Bennett. “I keep calling it but they transfer me to their catalog.”

8 News NOW reached out to Lumber Liquidators, but the assistant manager said he couldn't speak on the issue.

Lumber Liquidators released this statement about the flooring and it reads in part:

“While we were unable to witness 60 minutes testing methods and have still yet to see a test using validated methods that has come back as anything but completely safe, out of an abundance of caution, we are now reviewing our processes at these mills.”

Lumber Liquidators told us they stand behind every single plank of wood they sell.

Bennett and his wife will have to wait for the air quality results until Monday. The tests cost about $600.